The Day Of The Watery Nemisis…..?????

A trusted friend was told me to face your fears straight on and get on with it, my fab old Grandma always said thinking about something was always worse than doing it and my head has told me time after time that I am not born to swim and today is shouted very loudly ‘swim 10 miles in a month – get real!’

Well ha, who had the last laugh??? Not my head that is for sure. Today I took the plunge, (quite literally), and went swimming! Not only did I swim but I swam a grand total of 1KM and nobody was more surprised and chuffed than me, I can still swim! Well nagging voices and negative thoughts – go do one!

My question to myself is now, perhaps an accumulative total of 10 miles in a month is too easy – perhaps we ought to up it? One step at a time old chap says my head, but let’s face it that is on the back foot now!



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