A Note From A Broken Woman…..??????????

Part of the perceived exciting expat life involves flights and lots of them! Living somewhere like Riyadh routinely dictates flights to get pretty much anywhere, or long, long car journeys just to get to a neighbouring country let alone anywhere else.

So, add that onto the fact that the gorgeous daughter is at boarding school in the UK  and she comes home from school for the pretty much all the holidays then you will see that whereas most people get on trains and buses, we get on flights.

We are pretty lucky as there are at least 2 direct flights a day between Riyadh and London – pretty good really. That is the good side, the bad side is that the flights are pretty much always in the dead of night – not good for anyone, let alone me who needs and likes her sleep! Lucy on the other hand is usually buzzing and wanting to chat. That combined with the connecting flight up to Manchester finishes me off , but unfortunately not Lucy who is buzzing all the way and intent on talking my socks down!

So, a message from a broken woman, no training today, it is a sleeping and working out how to shut the daughter up day……..I will be back!



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