Sand-Blasted Face?, Not Today Thankyou….???

Well, having talked about the difficulties in training in 30 degree heat, the ominous darkening of the skies today reminded me that I had not mentioned the equally unpleasant phenomenon that is a Middle Eastern dust storm. In fairness today’s weather did not rate on the same spectrum as a true dust storm, but it was pretty unpleasant. Trying to describe the dust storm experience needs skill on the part of the reporter and patience, a good imagination and a sense of belief on the part of the audience.

The easiest comparison had to be that of a wild gale and blizzard in the UK but with dust and all the eye watering, literally, rubbish that goes with it. At least with a blizzard you usually only get pelted with snow, in Saudi the possibilities for getting an eyeful of something unpleasant are pretty much endless. Saudi Arabia is not the cleanest country and has yet to realise what it has, apart from oil, and what it could become, instead of dumping every bit of rubbish and grot in the nearest empty space. The consequences are gut wrenchingly disgusting.

So in training terms the weather was not good, in fact it is about as far from good as it is possible to be.  Even if you are plucky enough to head out for a run, you would almost certainly be treated to a brutal, free, sand-blasting facial by the dust, sand, grot and dried camel poo that would come hurtling at you at great speed. Imagine that sandblasting your face and getting a mouthful at the same time – enough to put you off your lunch for some considerable time.

So, I had to find an alternative and fast – I resorted to my old trusted stead, a Spinning® bike.  It does have its uses owning 17 of them, so we braved the horrendous weather and went to the sports centre to collect a couple – what a dream solution! Don’t worry, we have not reduced anybody to missing a Spinning® session, for various reasons which may or may not be revealed in the course of this blog, Spinning® has been quiet of late and so nobody is going to miss a couple of the bikes.


So, my training today was a tough hour on a Spinning (R) bike with high resistance while catching up with the major stars of the latest James Bond film with Graham Norton on iPlayer – what a way to spend an hour of training! Thoroughly engrossing and the first 45 minutes of the training went so quickly as I stared lovingly at God’s own personal gift to women – Daniel Craig! One of the best training sessions I have had  for a while I can tell you! Phew!!

Bring on the windy season I say and let’s enjoy a Daniel Craig fest sat on a Spinning® bike! 1 hour achieved, a mere 23 to go for the Spinathon – bring it on!

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