From One Extreme To Another……

Well after last nights downpour the rain has carried on, and on, and on, in fact it has been pretty much persisting it down all day.


Now this has caused a bit of chaos.

Saudi Arabia is not built for rain, there is no easy way to say it but rain is a bit of an oddity out here. Don’t get me wrong the locals love it and when it does rain they dash out to the desert at great speed to ‘enjoy’ it, but Saudi is not ready for rain.


Rain is so uncommon here that when they were first putting the infrastructure in place, nobody thought about installing drains – basic error! While 99% of the time this is not an issue, on the 1% that it rains, then the poo hits the fan – or to be more accurate the water hits the streets and everybody dons waders and wetsuits, (OK, so that last bit is not really true but you get the general gist of what I am trying to say).

Probably the easiest way to explain it is say that it is similar to when the UK is brought to a screaming standstill by snow. You know, everything comes to a grinding halt with an inch of snow, despite the forecasters warning that it was coming. People batten down the hatches, the supermarkets sell out of food faster than you can say ‘don’t touch the yellow snow’ and everybody rushes to the front door of the nearest OAP who despite having the constitution of a 40 year old is suddenly bombarded with questions about if they need anything, are they warm enough, would they like a cup of tea and have they got enough milk and bread – when in reality all they want is to carry on reading their Jackie Collins novel while sipping on their G&T!

When it rains here then the few drains that there are fail to cope and with nowhere else to go then pretty much everywhere floods. But the floods are quite impressive, in fact they are very impressive.


The downside of this is that people die with each rainfall. I am not going to get morbid here, so enough said about that.

So, in a nutshell everything goes pretty much to pot here when it rains and I am not only talking about out and about.

So today has been about rain, rain and even more of the damned wet stuff. The smell of dehydrated camel poo is still around and goodness knows what state the land outside the compound is in, (reference to last night’s post), I have a vision in my head of a landscape scattered with rehydrating camel poos that have taken on a mutant form and have metamorphosed into gremlin type beings intent on taking over the desert and ultimately the world.


Oooopppsss, sorry, I got a bit carried away there. Back to reality now.

Fortunately today was a rest day so I was able to stare at the rain phenomena outside. Tomorrow is a different kettle of fish – I feel a Spinning® session with Mr Turnbull coming on!

Pics Paul Cousans/Zenpix Ltd Strictly Come Dancing ..the latest addition to the new series BbC weather girl Carol Kirkwood seen here with co presenter Bill Turnbull


Now I do seem to have a problem. Today, I actually remembered to make a rice pudding, the only problem was that I then forgot that I had made a rice pudding and forgot to take it out of the oven. Now, I can hear you ask why couldn’t I smell it? Well, himself had donned his pinny, sharpened his knife and taken up residence in the kitchen to make a curry for tea. So, the kitchen and in fact the house was full of the smell of aromatic curry fragrances which by far outweighed the smell of pretty well cooked rice pudding.

However, by some stroke of luck pudding was mentioned as J was scavenging for food in the kitchen and yes, I had a lightbulb moment….


So, the rice pudding was saved from cremation by a whisker…..

And that my friends has been the sum total of today, rain & rice pudding.

Oh yes, I did phone British Airways as well…….but that is another story.

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