Flies, Spies And Earlyish Mornings…….


So today was officially a rest day – quite a relief as I have actually been a tad stiff today from the excesses of Spinning® yesterday and today would have been an ideal day to crawl back up the stairs to check the bed temperature after waving the small man off at the front door, (if you are wondering what the heck I am on about, check back through some previous posts).

Alas no, a shock to the system this morning – I had to be at school at 0800. Now those of you who still do the school run will be scoffing at this, but believe me when you get into the routine of booting the boy out of the front door in your pj’s every morning and have been known to crawl back into bed afterwards, then yes it is a bit of a shock to the old system when you have to be up, awake, dressed and at school by 0800.  A complete shock to the system.

Anyway, I made it into school, said my goodbyes to the legend that is Mrs N who is leaving, then legged it back home.

So, to get me out of the house I pretty quickly retreated to the newly refurbished King Pin Diner complete with various Apple gadgets and took up residence to tackle my admin backlog.

Now, the newly refurbished King Pin is pretty fab and a massive improvement. However, there is one downside – flies. Flies in Saudi tend only to be a problem at certain times of the year, when it is cooler, the rest of the time they just fry and even they admit defeat and go into hiding. So, cooler weather and flies at the moment.

This morning King Pin was pretty much a fly haven and as I arrived Darwin, one of the waiters in King Pin, was wondering around trying to swot them with a rag but without much success.

After just a few minutes the flies had got the better of me and having asked Darwin about a fly swat, which was answered with an apology, I decided on decisive action.

One quick cycle home, a fly swat and the fly spray fetched and I was back at King Pin.

So, Darwin and I spent a very productive half an hour armed with a fly swat and fly spray!  Much hilarity ensued and hurrah, for a short time King Pin was a fly free zone – although having said that the number of corpses on the floor was quite off putting as I tucked into a salad later!

The residents of Salwa who frequent King Pin may be pleased to know that I have donated the fly swat to Darwin who seemed rather chuffed with his new acquisition and I will of course make sure that the fly spray is with me on all future visits.


Regular readers of my Facebook page will know that along with my jinx on all things travel related, (resulting in even my family now refusing to travel with me), I always have a habit of causing issues with the websites of large, corporate businesses with IT infrastructures which you would assume would take the brain of a 15 year old computer geek to hack into.

No, this forty something is pretty effective as it as well, even if all my efforts are completely unintentional. Remember when I crashed the Sainsbury’s website with my booze and bacon order for a trip back to the UK and even the techie guy at Sainsburys was baffled? Or this week when I finally got round to phoning BA about Luce’s missing Skyflyers confirmation to be told that the computer system had failed as I placed the booking and so it had been booked in a random way that was going to take 5 days to fix?

Well today I have upset Facebook and been blocked. Apparently this is an automated block that will be lifted in due course when Facebook or the software deem I have served my time and done my penance.


I wouldn’t mind but all I was doing was sorting out the events for the fundraising, (Swimming Challenge, Junior Swimming Challenge, Spinathon and marathons), and sending out invites – but no the software did not like it and for those ‘Little Britain’ fans:

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 20.51.17

So I have been officially sent to the Facebook sinbin and until they decide that I am contrite and will not reoffend then I can send out no more invites and big brother is watching me.

So, some of you have had event invitations and some of you haven’t. All the events are now on the Facebook page and I would love you to take a look please. Once the block is lifted I will try once again to issue invites, but if big brother does not approve then I will be blocked again and there is a threat of a complete block hanging ominously over my head!


So, as my day concludes and I find myself on a Facebook blacklist, I find myself wondering what tomorrow will bring and whether or not the block will be lifted or if BA are going to have sorted out their IT glitch or whether or not I should run the gauntlet and place a Sainsbury’s order for my UK visit in a couple of weeks.

I think that for the sake of the world in general I will just sit and read a book…..

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