Maybe Going For A Run Would Have Been Easier……

Rest day today, but I had an overriding urge to go running…..I wonder why!

Well firstly himself, (and in fact all of his work comrades), have been given an unexpected three days off work. Apparently there is a big Arab conference going on in town and so they were all told to have three days off work as most of the roads will be closed. This sort of thing is not unusual, the government often spring these things on them.

So, any woman will tell you that when their fella is at home any chance of getting anything constructive done goes straight out of the window and it only gets worse when he offers to help with the housework….

Secondly, today we had the carpets replaced. We are very lucky as our house and all the furnishings are provided, but that means that we are at the behest of our fab maintenance services for all work, (no, that was not sarcasm, they are genuinely very good). So, after many months negotiating new carpets they were finally fitted today.

So, at 0800 this morning several big burly blokes who spoke very little english arrived and promptly turned the downstairs of our house upside down – quite literally.

Good job I wasn’t watching Mr Turnbull!

In the middle of all this the guys came to fix the air-conditioning, I never thought it was possible to get so many maintenance guys in one confined area with so much displaced furniture…

They finally all left at 1600 this afternoon……..

I won’t go into details, but it has been a long day – especially with himself in tow. However, we have got there, new carpets at last! Hurrah!

Still say it would have been easier to go running………

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