Pedalling Like Crazy But Not Getting Very Far…

It is amazing what goes through your mind on a 4 hour Spinning® training ride – yes, the rain has got a bit better, (only a bit mind), but for the sake of my phone, (which is still water logged from a combination of sweat down my Dolly Parton wannabe and the deluge out running the other night), I opted for a Spin® training day.

Spinning Card

So this afternoon while training and passing the time on my iPad and the world wide web, I made the following, slightly eye opening revelations:

  1. I am the same age as Adele’s mum. Sobering thought there. Yeap, she too was born in the vintage year of 1970 and while I dragged my feet about the whole baby thing, she didn’t and Adele burst forth with her explosive voice when her mum was a mere 18. So while my brood are still pretty much in the ankle biker phase, her offspring is a 27 year old, multi award winning, multi millionaire, MBE holding superstar and mum. So, in theory I could be Adele’s mum and grandma to her little boy. Now I must have a serious chat to Luce – I am not in a rush to be a Grandma but I could certainly live with her being a multi-millionaire by her mid twenties….
    Waving-HelloThis is not the first time that I have been bluntly reminded of my more advanced years for parenthood, (not least of which was being referred to as an ‘elderly primagravida’ when I was 35 and pregnant with Luce – as J would say ‘how rude’…..). Danni was our childcare support when we led our mad, professional lives in the UK and often picked up the childcare pieces when the world collapsed around our ears. After one eventful day Danni came home looking exasperated, (nothing new there being involved in our household – she deserved a medal), and the conversation went something like this;Danni: ‘I am so fed up with everyone thinking I am the kids mum’, – at this stage Luce was around 4, J was around 1 and Danni was around 21.
    Me: ‘Well technically you could be, don’t worry about it. Actually technically you could be my daughter’
    A pregnant pause ensued and then Danni came out with the revelation;
    ‘In that case you could be your kids grandma.’I hasten to add that against the odds Danni walked away from that situation relatively unscathed and to this day still plays an active and important role in our family life – although it was touch and go for a while!
  2. I can still stun a seven year old into silence – not mine I hasten to add, those days have gone. Thanks to the rain, school was closed today, (as I mentioned yesterday rain here has the same effect as an inch of snow in the UK – general panic, chaos and a battening down of the hatches).  He spent the day pretty much exclusively with his buddy, T, shuffling between various venues over the course of the day according to what console they wanted to play on, off to T’s for the Xbox 360, over to us for the Wii U, anywhere at all with a power supply for iPad activity charging. So this afternoon the boys were ensconced with the Wii U and I started my Spinning® training in the lounge while occupying myself with various episodes of different UK TV series. J is never phased anymore by any of the more eccentric activities that go on here, (usually involving sporting activities, extreme ironing, panic cleaning after a manic sandstorm or me wailing like a banshee when it becomes clear that he has stashed all his dirty school uniform in secret places and so all of a sudden he has no clean clothes for school), and he just usually tuts as he avoids whatever activity is underway and carries on with what he is doing – yes even me screaming. However, poor T has not had any preparation for this and so when he came running out of the study at full speed he stopped dead in his tracks as his brain got to grips with the sweat ridden sight of J’s mum in front of him, on a Spinning® bike and in front of the TV in the lounge. The poor lad froze to the spot for a few seconds, his mouth opened as if to ask a question but nothing came out. J on the other hand glanced in my general direction, scavenged food from the kitchen for them both and then disappeared back into the study. I suppose I ought to drop T’s mum a line in case the poor soul has nightmares tonight.
  3. Rupert Penry-Jones has to be one of the sexiest men around – he certainly helped to wile away the hours as I pedalled my way through 4 hours while watching ‘Silk’.  Also, while Mr Penry-Jones’ title of sexiest man on TV, (well in my sweat ridden and blurred eyes anyway), is under no threat from the cast of ‘Friday Night Dinner’, this still has to be one of the funniest TV programmes around and a revision of the entire second series while peddling like crazy and not actually going very far this afternoon brought more than a wry smile to my sweat drenched face.9393ee9a214c01ce2eee4d4528ebc332
  4. I can still ‘out stink’ a seven year old – believe me after 4 hours on a Spinning® bike I think I could out stink out just about anything.  Stand by for 24 hours in February, I will probably have to be hosed down by people in chemical warfare kit. You know you have worked hard when your seven year old boy, who usually has no scruples about not showering or wearing the same clothes for more than one day, takes one luck at you and tells you to go and get in the shower. No mummy son hugs until after a shower then….


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