Sainsburys Stupor & Cheeky Children….

As an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia, there is little more exciting in life than going online and doing a Sainsburys order ready for the next visit to the UK. Yeap, sad I know but there it is.

It is a truly liberating experience and one which should never be underestimated, only my comrades here in the desert will understand the enormity of this treat. The feeling of unbridled shopping and ordering forbidden fodder here in Saudi is quite frankly mind-blowing.

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You actually find yourself transfixed by the computer and as the array of goodies unfurls itself in front of you, you become more and more animated – until you can almost taste the bacon and vino and start to slobber on the keyboard.

Your eyes become bigger than your tummy and available time to eat it all while in the UK – not to mention the effect on your wallet.


And then you realise that actually you are salivating over a computer screen and that  you have managed to work yourself into an absolute frenzy about a Sainsbury’s order that is still a week away. The disappointment is crushing, devastating in fact.

OK, now that I have unburdened myself with my disappointment, devastation and drooling over the computer screen, I had better look lively, get ready for my run and burn off the pent up emotion relating to having to wait another week before taking delivery of my Sainsbury’s order.


On the bright side, at least I have another few days to order more….

The cooker is fixed, thanks to the wonderful Apol, so emaciated chicken for tea….

Full report on tonight’s run to follow…

Well chiffin’ heck – tough run tonight. Heavy legs and tight hips – ouch! But I did it, shorter distance but despite that good pace and no stopping. Those damned gremlins were in full flow but got very short shrift and retreated from whence they came!

Just wondering if I am still recovering from the longer run of two days ago, it is either that or that I burnt myself out today with the excitement of the Sainsburys order.  Time will tell.

Whatever way I did it. Spinning as the next couple of training sessions, off to the UK next weekend and actually excited about the prospect of running in The North Yorkshire Moors, (no that was not sarcasm, I am genuinely looking forward to it).


That said, it’s a good job that I am looking forward to it, I will be out there whatever the weather – the nearest gym is 25 miles away.

So, coming home from my run tonight I was greeted by my oh so loving son as he was reclining on the settee. He managed to glance up at me and point out quite bluntly that I smelt soooo sweaty – charming. As if it is so easy to get him in the shower! Next I heaved myself up on my tired legs to go for a shower, (yes, he should have been pleased about this), when I groaned about my aching legs. His comment?, hmmmm……oh so politely he said, ‘well of course you have a bad back, you are getting old now’. Just to rub it in he repeated his comment once more of good measure, smirking uncontrollably at the same time..

Now there is only so much that a sweat ridden, weary Mum will cope with and two insults in close succession from a cheeky and impudent 7 year old who has a birthday in a few days and will frankly be lucky to make it that far, was quite frankly a step too far.

So, off came the sweat soaked t-shirt and it was unceremoniously applied all over the cheeky 7 not going to make it to 8 year old. After giving him a thorough rubbing down I think that he may have got the message – at least I hope so. Now, I just need to shoehorn him into the shower – I did honk and the t-shirt was foul!


Oh, chaos reigns as usual in our house….

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