It’s Been A Funny Sort Of Day…….

Well, best laid plans and all that. My planned early morning run failed dismally – completely my fault I hasten to add. I woke up just after 7am and was primed in my head to run, then next time I glanced at the clock it was 9.22am – whoops! By that time I was ravenous and more to the point so were the kids…….


I was actually finally woken up by the doorbell. It was one of the drivers who had called round to collect some things – but I wasn’t expecting him this morning. I was roused by the doorbell and then Luce telling him I was in bed (!), I shot out of bed without thinking and ran down the stairs without checking in the mirror. Luce looked at me suitably disgusted in an embarrassed teenager sort of way and as for the driver, well the poor guy will probably have nightmares for months. Now, I have known this driver for quite a long time and his english is not good at the best of times but any scraps of communication deserted him this morning……..

After he left I glanced in the mirror to see one pyjama leg above the knee and one below, hair resembling 10.000 volts passing through my body, bed creases on the left side of my face, possible evidence of dribbling or failing that remnants of toothpaste and woolly socks – I told you it is really cold here at the moment, well there is nothing worse than cold feet in the middle of the night…..


So, once I had sorted out the various cosmetic issues, instead of running random jobs took over – most random of all taking the oven door off it’s hinges, dismantling it, cleaning it to within an inch of it’s life, (hand held steam cleaner was called into action – that was how serious it was), put it back together again and replaced it on it’s hinges. It is now gleaming.


Now this is indicative of my life these days. Gone are the days of a reasonably ambitious career path and here I am getting excited about using the hand held steamer and cleaning the oven door.

I am also questioning myself as to whether or not it is right or even healthy for that matter, to keep finding myself walking up to the oven door to marvel at it’s immaculate and gleaming surfaces. I have even put a rice pudding in the oven, (for the true relevance of this statement please refer to early blog posts), just so that I can have the light on inside and marvel at being able to see the oven’s contents – oh yes, and also to feed the son.

Yo, get me – domestic goddess!


Now talking about the son, today he provided me with a revelation that I would rather not have had. The kids had declared today a pyjama day – which I was happy to run with. That is until the testosterone filled child declared he had his underpants on under his pyjamas and not only that but they were the same pants that he had been wearing continuously since Christmas Day and that he had also not showered since.


Now, those people who know me well will realise that this does not sit well in my mind, (although I am sitting physically sitting relatively normally now after the major Spinning® training session of Boxing Day), and after I had got over the initial shock of the revelation serious and urgent action had to be taken.


A hot, deep bath was run with extra bubbles, the ‘boy’ was marshalled up the stairs. Supervised toothbrushing was ordered, the pyjamas discarded and ‘the’ pants’ removed. The boy was then ordered into the bath and told to stay there for some considerable time.

He appeared sometime later looking like a newer, cleaner version – much to his disgust.

I have since been assured that such unsanitary behaviour is normal for small men, it is going to be a lllooonnggg few years until he starts showering to impress the ladies!

And the pants? Well, despite my initial instinct to bin them, they are currently in a hot wash with extra powder – a final decision will be made when they emerge.


So, I finally made it out onto a run this evening – and what a stonking run it was. I am not sure what happened to my pace, but it was good! Great distance, really getting somewhere. Aching legs though – 8 hours Spinning┬« on Boxing Day, great run with good pace today – guess I will be swimming for next training!

By the way, massive thanks to everybody who shouted encouragement tonight – the new Tommy’s/London Marathon t-shirts have obviously had a big impact and just about everybody I saw this evening gave me nothing but encouragement – THANKYOU!

Please keep an eye open around the compound for more of the t-shirts over the coming weeks, hopefully Tommo’s Brighton Marathon ones have arrived as well and himself will be wearing a London one for training in the very near future!

I will ask Tommo to model both models soon – those who know him know that no excuse is needed for Tommo to pose in front of the camera so stand by for photos in a blog very, very soon…..

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