Normal Service Is Resumed…….

Well, after a manic couple of weeks normal service is resumed. The kids and I are back in the land of sand. I am pleased to report that a ceasefire appears to have been brokered between them and at the moment they appear to be the best of buddies. How strong the ceasefire is and how long it will hold is yet to be seen, but at the moment the signs are positive!I will keep you updated on this, but I have the Father Christmas bribery tactic up my sleeve for any breakdown in the peace, so I am reasonably optimistic.


So it is almost time for the big man to descend with Rudolph and his buddies. Needless to say we are not ready in our house but that will come as no surprise to anybody, but I am optimistic that it will all slip into place in time and all will be well. Hold on, didn’t I say that about the birthday party…….


Great training fun tonight – great pace, good distance and generally pretty cool. Increasing distance again next week and getting ready for The Sangcom Half Marathon at the end of January. I will be sending out sponsor forms to all those taking part for Tommy’s straight after Christmas and will be talking to Tommy’s again about t-shirts then as well.


All good here – everybody OK out there?

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