Rehydrating Camel Poo, Slightly Jaded & Star-Gazing……

I hesitate to say this as Boxing Day is not completely over, but we do seem to have made it through the festive period without any major mishaps, any injuries, broken toys, tantrums – (that is just me) or disasters. Now, here in Riyadh there is still a tad over 4 hours before today is over, but even I am reasonably optimistic that we may make it.


One slight complication was the fact that the big fella in red brought a hoofing great big telescope for J – on one of the very, very few days that we had rain and cloud – resulting in a big zero on the visibility stakes. Yeap, of the well over 300 blue sky days that we have here a year, yesterday was not one of them. So, although the lounge was turned into a mini observatory, there was absolutely no chance at all during the day of seeing anything other than cumulo-nimbus through the telescope.



I hasten to add that today has seen a significant improvement in the situation – to the point that himself has been found sat outside this evening – complete with woolly hat – supposedly calibrating the telescope on J’s behalf.

With the rain came the inevitable – yeap that heavily discussed issue of the smelly rehydrating camel poo. It has persisted it down pretty heavily and so the smell has been pretty odorous, to the point that you can actually smell it while lying in bed. The mind boggles about the state of the desert on the other side of the compound perimeter wall – quite possibly littered with rehydrated camel poo so large that one misplaced footstep could result in an incident requiring hospital treatment – best I stay on this side of the wall I think!

So, today saw a return to training – to keep up the pre-Spinathon, pre-swimming challenge and pre-marathon momentum, as well as work off the excesses of Christmas lunch yesterday.

In typical fashion I threw myself into a full SpinningĀ® training session rather than a training run and spent 8 hours pedalling away on a Spinning bikeĀ®, managing a total of 140miles. All the remaining episodes of Silk series 2 were watched, (Rupert Penry-Jones making the whole session much more palatable), along with one of my most fav films ever – Invictus and finally the recent epic which is Spy. However, not even that feast of visual entertainment could fend off the inevitable…..


I have to say that I have come a long way over the lest couple of months or so and despite having aching legs, they actually are in pretty good shape and coped with the rigours of the training session well. I just wish the same could be said for my rear end, which to put it politely, is a little tender. Yeap, I built in standing but still……..As I sit here writing today’s blog on a wooden chair, (there is little or no advantage to sitting on anything softer at the moment as it is all damned uncomfortable), my backside feels like it is on fire.

Anyway, enough of my rear end – it will all be worth it eventually and hopefully my tales of woe and pain will strike a cord of sympathy with the reader that will only be eased by making a donation to the fund, hint, hint….


Anyway, despite the discomfort, it was a great training session and I am well on target for the Spinathon which is looming on the horizon.

Right, better go. I apologise for the lack of any humorous anecdotes today, but it has been a bit dry on them thus far today. Himself is back at work tomorrow so we will see if the kids’ ceasefire holds or if I straight jacket them both in the garden.

So, have a great Boxing Day evening, raise a glass on our behalf and see you all again tomorrow.


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