Are You Sitting Comfortably? – I’m Not!

Well, I have to say that today has been a tad uncomfy and as per my post of this morning riding my bike this morning was a bit of a tear jerker!


Anyway, progress has been made over the course of the day and I am now sat symmetrically and not fidgeting!

Anyway, a routine day today – if you include fighting kids, L taking it upon herself to do housework while I was out by cleaning the windows with pledge, J and himself taking up residence outside after dark with the telescope and thermal cups of hot chocolate and oh yes, juggling potential flights between the aviation legends that are British Airways and Saudia! I will keep you posted on that last one, it could be an interesting adventure this next one!J and himself have now come back in along with Terry the telescope and J must be cold – he has squashed me into the corner of the settee for a cuddle and we are smothered by a blanket.

Anyway, running tomorrow. Just wondering whether if I go out in the morning, by the time I get back if the kids will still be in one piece each or not…….might have to give that one a go for entertainment value.


My steep learning curve into the world of behind the scenes social media and using it to increase exposure, (of the Facebook page I hasten to add, my rear end has not been quite so bad that it has to be exposed – yet). Yeap, I have been researching yet more backroom stuff and experimenting with gadgets. I have to admit that I am actually quite enjoying it, I have always been a gadget freak! I am having terrible problems keeping my its off Terry the telescope!


Right, best I go, having terrible trouble moving my arms while being squashed into the corner of the settee for body warmth – so I am going to cut my losses for this evening and be squashed!


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