Unscheduled Restday & Silver Surfers…….

Tonight’s post is being written very, very carefully. In fact I am writing it so carefully that I am considering getting it checked by two independent moderators, getting official approval on paper and running it in front of a legal advisor before I hit the ‘Publish’ button.


All will become clear in a few minutes, but before I go any further I would just like to say that I have not trained today, despite planning on ploughing up and down the swimming pool. To be honest I listened to my creaking body, (which I have to say is vastly improved after the toils of earlier this week), and after much deliberation and deciding that I was not being a wimp I decided to give it a break for today.

That was one reason why I did not train today. The second reason is directly related to the reason behind my caution in tonight’s post.

You see up to Christmas the possibility of certain members of my family seeing this blog were remote, in fact forget remote, they were non-existent. Despite having a computer and internet access, their World Wide Web usage was limited. As you are about to find out the possibility of them now reading the blog have increased substantially – hence my extreme caution.

Their limited internet use changed dramatically last week when a certain couple of older members of the family took the plunge, visited an Apple Store and bought each other iPads for Christmas.


I suspect that the reasoning behind this has been twofold, first of all the fact that the younger members of the family are all contactable on one sort of ‘i’device or another but I also suspect an element of curiosity also played a part.

Anyway, one part of the family had aided in the setting up of the iPads since Christmas and today it was my turn. The fact that I am over 3000miles away was irrelevant Рas I suppose it should be in this internet age Рand I took on the role of Apple tech support advisor.


Now the people in question are clever people but they are not too familiar, yet, with the pro’s and con’s of APPLE technology. So the Facetime conversations that took place this afternoon were quite interesting and entertaining to say the least.

Now out of family respect for these silver surfers I do not feel at liberty to divulge all the details of the somewhat protracted technical support this afternoon, but I am sure that anybody who has offered telephone technical support either on a professional or amateur basis will appreciate the nature of the conversation.


I do not want to  appear to be knocking the inclusion of technology into the wider family, far from it РI am delighted and the connectivity of the family is now going to be a lot simpler. However, the entertainment value is vast Рonce we have moved beyond the initial challenges of remote instruction on connecting to the internet, the difference between an iCloud username and password and given reassurance that telling me the iCloud username over Facetime does not mean that the account will be hacked and their every worldly possession be stolen.

Anyway, here’s to silver surfers!

So that is the other reason I did not train today, I was somewhat tied up with matters technical!

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