Floodlight Disappointment, Aching Legs, Caring Nurses & Silver Surfers – Again!

Now, either himself has suddenly developed hitherto undetected perceptive powers or coincidentally the sky is clear this evening and ideal for taking the telescope on an evening trip to the darker corners of the compound to gaze longingly at the stars and extended solar system.


Now this is quite fortuitous as I have actually been suffering from increasing levels of stress through out the course of the afternoon and into the evening so the fact that the two men in my life have disappeared off to star gaze maybe quite a good thing.

More details of the causes for my stress later on in this blog…….

Well today pretty much everybody I saw today was buzzing after the events of yesterday morning. Those who supported us all were still glowing from the experience and have already started making noises about training themselves for the event next year. As for those of us who ran, well the endorphins are continuing to flow and the feeling of satisfaction  is still fit and healthy among everybody who took part.

On the whole we are all on good form, a few aching muscles and the odd sore toe or two, but on the whole we all seem to be fairing pretty well. The money is rolling into the VirginMoneyGiving account, (www.virginmoneygiving.com/thecarbys – in case you needed reminding).


The legend that is Tommo actually took himself for a recovery run tonight but actually admitted that it was rather a slow run, Emma went for a pedicure, Luan drank coffee, I haven’t seen Isabella or Hannah, Michelle went off teaching and the fellas I suspect all trundled off to work denying any discomfort at all in their macho, testosterone filled worlds.

Me? Well, first job this morning was to tackle the Lego lounge that had developed over the last few days and then I took a deep breath and headed down to the Medical Centre to start the ball rolling to sort out the foot problem. Yeap, the foot made life interesting yesterday. I made it through without a trainer change but gee did I know about it and the first thing I did when crossing the finish line was rip my trainer off. Emma, bless her, picked up the discarded trainer before regretting her generosity and handed it to himself with a comment about the trainer being warm and wet and quite unpleasant to hold…., (I hasten to add it was just foot odour and sweat, there was no other problem making them warm and wet….).



So, I braced myself this morning and ventured to our resident heroes and heroines who keep us all in one piece, expecting over the glasses stares, tutting and derision at this runner. How wrong could I be, I was greeted warmly with congratulations, well done etc etc. I admitted I would like an appointment with our wonderful South African GP and while I was expecting to be given an appointment a few days later, I was delighted to be given an appointment for an hour and a half later……I still think that they had already made the appointment last week when I ran to them asking for the strongest possible painkillers but they deny that categorically!


Anyway, the appointment was kept and I saw the fab GP and a full referral was made to the orthopod bloke in town. I am always slightly sceptical about medical services beyond our own Medical Centre here, based mainly on a very dodgy internal ultrasound of the girly kind to see if I had gall stones – my anatomy lectures and dissections at physio school did raise some doubts about the propriety of this scan but to be honest nothing comes as much of a surprise here and so I just ran with it. At least I knew by the end of the scan that I was not pregnant, but the question of gall stones or not remained unanswered for sometime.


Anyway, I am sure that there will be plenty of tales of hilarity from the forthcoming hospital referral, (Thursday is D-Day), and I will keep you updated on that one.

Anyway, massive thanks go to our fantastic Medical Centre for their patience and care – I deserved a telling off but in typical professional fashion they dealt with me beautifully.

Oh yes, small problem – the boys are back. Unfortunately they did a recce to the sports field, it was pitch dark with more stars and planets above than the two men in my life could possibly cope with in one evening. So, they had come home to fetch the monster telescope and headed back off to the sports pitch. Disaster, in the intervening 2-3 minutes of fetching the telescope the football team had arrived for practice and the flood lights had been switched on all around the sports field – not an ideal situation when you are trying to star gaze! I now have 2 grumpy and disappointed men back in the house….

So, there we go – Sporting Challenge number 1 is completed, 3 to go…….

Oh yes, my stress levels today when I should have been chillin’. Well, a combination of the Silver Surfers and the daughter.

Much of today has been spent talking the Family Silver Surfers through various iPad dilemmas over Facetime. When I say much of today, I mean most of today. Every time one issue was solved, a list was produced with the next one…….

It finally got too much when finally the more than slightly unstable wifi out here started to struggle when everybody came home from work and started to do whatever they do online. Facetime started to fall down and life got trickier than it already had been.


At this point I ought to point out that our online technical helpdesk, (i.e. me), relies on the Silver Surfers utilising both iPads at their end – one to do whatever needs doing and the other to be on Facetime and be pointed at iPad number one so I can see what is being done and what the iPad is doing!

So this afternoon consisted of one Silver Surfer holding one iPad and the second Silver Surfer doing what needed to be done with the second one.

This in itself lead to some problems, at one point I had to ask for the Facetime iPad to be held still as I was feeling sea sick. The second problem came when the wifi actually gave up the ghost and I resorted to the telephone to sort out the latest iPad dilemma.

Silver Surfer 1 was diligently passing on my instructions from the phone to Silver Surfer 2. This worked well until there was a problem when Silver Surfer 1 calmly said down the phone:

‘Hold on a minute, I will take you over to the iPad and show you’

Me: ‘I am on the phone’

Silver Surfer 1: ‘Hold on, I will show you’

Me: ‘I am on the phone, not Facetime’

Silver Surfer 1, (I suspect holding the phone in front of the iPad): ‘Oh, that’s not going to work, its the phone….’

And oh yes, the daughter………….that’s a story for another day, a day when I have access to alcohol……

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