Help! The Incredible Hulk Has Imploded In The Kitchen…..

I am one of those parents who likes a clean and tidy house, but know that we have kids and as such any desire for immaculateness is completely unreasonable and unrealistic.

As such, if they are doing something constructive and in the appropriate part of the house then within reason I will let them.


So, in science today the small man learnt about convection by adding food colouring and olive oil to a cordial bottle full of water.

This clearly made quite an impression on our not so little scientist who decided to continue the experiment in the kitchen. The food colouring of choice was green, To realise the full gravity of the situation, imagine a ferocious and world threatening battle between the Incredible Hulk and Kermit The Frog involving a lidless food blender and a spray gun. Got it? Yeap, something like that was in the kitchen….


I am not sure where today has gone, it seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This morning was largely spent having my monthly MOT with the compound beautician. Yeap, it was that time again when once a month she locks the door and a few hours later I emerge having been waxed, varnished, dyed and plucked…..

This evening I hit the tarmac and off I went. Now I have to say that this evening I had a major success. The physio in me used her head and cobbled together a metatarsal pad. I am not sure that it would have got much approval from the older generation of learned physios I used to work with but gee who cares.

Yeap, a wedge of cotton wool pads rolled into a tube and stuck to the appropriate area on my foot with copious amounts of zinc tape and a hastily put on running sock definitely helped. I am not saying I was pain free on the run tonight, but it definitely helped. A proper set of supports are winging their way out to the land of sand as I write so hopefully progress is being made….

Taking it off was none too pleasant though – soggy cotton wool clinging for grim death to the sole of my foot……

So, tonight’s run, the first serious run since the half-marathon. It went well – very well in fact, long may it continue!

It is at this point that I would just like to make a formal and public apology to anyone who was out running, walking, cycling, crawling or any form of travelling around the compound tonight. You see I am still taking the damned anti-inflammatories for the old foot and they are pretty potent. So potent in fact that they are the sort of tablets that you have to have other tablets with them that help to settle your stomach, these other tablets are called ‘Gasec’….getting the picture?

Yeap, you guessed it, I won’t go into any more details other than to apologise for the people behind me or overtaking me this evening….I am really, really sorry…


The plus side is that I am off to the hospital tomorrow and I really, really hope he will say I can stop taking them. No, I really, really, really hope he says that as tomorrow afternoon we are flying to Abu Dhabi, in a confined space with a lot of other people…………


So, away from all talk of flatulence, let’s talk planking. Yeap, after cooling down from the run it was time to ‘plank’ again. Himself has started joining in and even the small man has started his planking career – he clearly thinks that being covered in green food colouring gives him Incredible Hulk type powers.

I would just like to say publicly that I have never known so much moaning and whinging – all of which was from the testosterone filled members of the household. The small man was a complete drama queen and himself resorted to swearing, huffing and puffing in glorious fashion.


So, successful planking session all in all, despite the moaning. The small man did less than us, himself did the same as me as I suspect his male ego would not have coped with me going longer. That said he did appear to struggle to take the cottage pie out of the oven afterwards and there has been continuous whinging ever since.

Anyway, off to Abu Dhabi tomorrow to see the bad influence that is Mrs M. I will be taking my sports kit with me and the intention is to use it instead of giving it a weekend away as well. However, as Mrs M is a bad influence then I do have a sinking feeling.

So, if there are no blog posts this weekend, please accept my sincerest apologies but I will probably be curled up somewhere hugging a bottle of Baileys and humming gently to myself…….

Yes, I know it is a Middle East weekend - Thurs to Sat, but you get the picture....

Yes, I know it is a Middle East weekend – Thurs to Sat, but you get the picture….


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