Lego Mayhem & A Beaver Called Justin………..

Having kids is hard work, there is no doubt about it, but on the other hand it can also be GREAT fun and it allows you to retreat to your inner, junior self without any fear of embarrassment or prejudice.


Yeap, you’ve guessed it, I have been playing with the small boy’s toys again.

Now I would just like to point out that I had my kids out of maternal instinct and there was no hint at all of having them just to be able to be a big kid again and play with all the toys ☺️. No not at all, the Nerf gun battles, Scalextric races and Hex Bug time trails are purely to check their functionality to avoid child disappointment with broken kit or flat batteries…….


So, imagine my devastation last night when during a mad 10 minutes of hilarity and tickling involving the smaller man in my life and his cuddly toy Beaver named Justin when disaster struck in the form of the boy and his beaver falling onto his intricately designed and built Lego Star Wars Imperial Assault Carrier. Needless to say the damage was pretty much terminal – in real life the Assault Carrier would have been blown into a million pieces with debris floating throughout the solar system for Major Tim to avoid like flies committing harakiri on the car windscreen in the middle of summer.

Now you are probably wondering about the issue of a Beaver called Justin. Well, firstly, yes – he has a toy beaver called Justin. Now, the subject of Justin probably deserves a whole blog entry of its own, such is the enormity of the topic and maybe one day I will do this.

Secondly, in case you have not clicked and are wondering about why he is called ‘Justin’, well just turn the name of ‘Justin Beaver’ through your mind a few times and I am sure the penny will drop. Personally, I would rather be in the company of Justin Beaver a million times more than I would with his name sake, (well, almost name sake….).

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Anyway, the innuendos over Justin have filled our house now for a long time and at the moment the smaller man in my life is blissfully unaware of the connotations, however I am sure that over time the truth will dawn on him and I can only hope that he too will see the funny side.

So, back to the Assault Carrier issue. Yeap, last night was a tad traumatic for all concerned, but reasoning won through and after much discussion he and I set about rebuilding the demolished model.


Well, all was going well until one major piece just could not be found. After much grumbling, (from me as much as the small man), I resorted to sorting the pieces methodically into piles of shape, size, colour etc etc. Needless to say the small man disappeared off in disgust and left me to the sorting.

After much sorting still no success which was a tad perplexing as it must have been there when the Carrier was intact but alas no sign of it.

By this point it was time to hit the sack, so the piles of sorted Lego were left overnight with a full brief to everybody in the house that if anybody dared to mix it all up again then there would be trouble…….

Needless to say there was no time for Lego before school, but as this today is a no running day then as soon as the small man was despatched out to school then it was time for Mummy to play!

The piece was, and still is, missing. However, the advantage of having a Lego mad small man in the house means that there are boxes and boxes of pieces from other models piled high in the other room.

So, within minutes I had located a matching piece and was away! What a morning! Fab! Needless to say my work has purely been to make sure that all the other parts are present and will not lead to disappointment when needed…..?

Well, anyway, the rebuild is well under way and will continue this afternoon….

For me, well despite today being a rest day I have found myself stretching and toning by crawling around on the lounge floor reaching for lego parts – it is strenuous stuff this Lego building you know……..?

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