Missing…..One Complete Set Of Abdominals…..If Found Please Return to Owner…

When you were a kid did you ever do that thing when you stood in a doorway with the back of your hands on the doorframe, pushed hard against the wood and then stepped forwards – then your arms involuntarily raised themselves?

Well if you did then you will know how I feel now, apart from my involuntary muscle action is in my torso.


Yeap, you guessed it – I have been doing the ‘Tommy’s At The London Marathon Facebook Page Planking Challenge’. I have to say I am rather impressed with myself!

Last night I did 3×1 mins straight off, with 2 mins between each batch. Tonight I did 1×80 secs followed by 2×1 min – again with 2 mins between each batch.


After this evenings challenge I feel as though I have no control over my body from the waist up, my abdominals keep twitching involuntarily and my shoulders feel like I have spent the entire day overdoing it with arms in the gym. Charles Atlas has nothing on me tonight.

I am not sure I will be able to make the small man his boiled eggs in the morning or put his toast in the toaster as it may all be a touch too heavy….

Anyway, tonight’s trot with my buddy fell apart for reasons that were nobody’s fault. So himself and I resurrected our evening walks with the small man around the compound – accompanied by a basket ball. A great time was had by all with lots of short sprints, a couple of longer sprints, (limited only by my trousers continually falling down) and lots of general running around – all of which was what I needed to get myself moving again after Friday, well all part from my trousers falling down that is!

Proper run tomorrow night I think!

So, you will be pleased to hear that last night himself passed on lathering himself with coconut oil – so he does read the blog after all! So last night was not like sleeping next to a bearded macaroon and thank goodness the smell of coconut has disappeared.


No updates from the Silver Surfers so the mind boggles on that one…..I may pluck up courage tomorrow to Facetime for an update….let’s see if the sock draw starts to vibrate…..

OK, think I will go and soak my twitching abdominals in the bath, but carrying the washing up the stairs maybe one step too far, that may have to wait….

Till tomorrow…

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