A Near Disastrous Washing Machine Incident, More Adele Humour & Oh Yes – A Good Run!

Yesterday’s post was special and unique. The journey that it described is an incredibly personal and traumatic one for Gabriella’s parents. They have decided to join us on next week’s half-marathon here on the compound and we are delighted to have them join us!

So, sorry to disappoint but you are back with me, yeap the wannabe marathon runner whose life tends to be somewhat chaotic and to whom drama seems to be attracted to – usually with entertaining consequences. I apologise in advance but I hope that the rollercoaster that is our lives and the entertainment that is derived from living where we live will entertain you and hopefully prompt you to dig deep and donate to the fundraising effort!



First of all to training, yesterday I ran and I ran for Gabriella. Good training run, despite having to run home at one point to change my trainers – that was interesting! Anyway, one 90 second trainer change later and I was off again. If anybody sees any lost looking trainers by the side of the footpaths around the compound over the coming weeks, please do not move them – they are almost certainly mine and there ready and waiting for a speedy trainer change!


Everybody always says listen to your body and I am, I am delaying my long training run tomorrow for a day – I am pooped and I am not ashamed to admit it. It has been a tough week. An extra day of rest before my last long pre-half marathon training run will do me no harm at all.


So, a feet up day tomorrow, well as feet up as much as it ever gets around here!

The last couple of days have seen a considerable amount of drama and entertainment.

Firstly and almost most worryingly for next week is an apparently harmless incident, the blame for which I am going to place firmly and unequivocally at the door of the legend that is Mr Tommo. Yeap, the compound’s own living legend, singing superstar, (in his own mind anyway), sporting icon, (cough, cough) and wannabe comedian, (yeah, right….).

A smiling, cartoon comedian about to tell some jokes.

His unexpected telephone call resulted in my falling over the washing machine door.

Now for those of you who know the legend that is Tommo will know that he will take the blame for this incident completely in his stride, (he has after all been married to the lovely Mrs Tommo for many, many years), despite me begrudgingly admitting that actually all he did was telephone. However, if in doubt blame a man, any man!  I pointed out that it was entirely his fault, (very tongue in cheek), and that if I was badly damaged and couldn’t run the half marathon next week, then it is all his fault, (tongue still very firmly in cheek).


Anyway, I am delighted to say that the washing machine door will live to see another day and an emergency visit from Apol, the maintenance guy with the encyclopaedic knowledge of all household appliances and how to fix them, is not necessary.

As for my knee – well I suspect that all may be well and that my knee may well have survived the experience unscathed – albeit with a bit of a bruise. I will be able to continue training unscathed, (but not tomorrow!), but will be a lot more careful with the washing machine door from now on. However, I will not be letting Tommo off that easily……..

Well, that covers it for today – except the latest from the genius that is Adele. Regular readers may well recall my post of a few weeks ago where I was stunned by the revelation that I realised that I am the same age as Adele’s mum – yeap, I am still pretty shocked by this fact but am optimistic in the thought that I may be able to steer the daughter towards such success.

However, just in case you haven’t seen it yet – take a look at the link below with Adele doing ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with the equally brilliant James Corden. So, put the kettle on, sit down for 15 minutes and enjoy!

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