Time To Stir My Stumps, Stretch Those Legs & Hide The Coconut Oil……

The time has come, I need to stir my stumps – The London Marathon is not going to run itself in 3 months time!

Yeap, my mind has started moving towards D-Day, Sunday April 24 2016.

The legs are pretty much fine, I am ignoring the foot, but the head is screaming abuse. Oh well, nothing new there – crack on and get training.


The Tommy’s At The London Marathon Facebook page has a planking challenge – guess who is starting that later today.


Am heading out for my first post half-marathon trot tomorrow night with a buddy who wants to get back into running – so a nice leg stretch then.

I think the others are starting to stir into some action, Luan was spotted cycling frenetically around the compound earlier, Hannah – well she looks fine and not at all like she ran a half marathon on Saturday with absolutely no training. She has an annoying minor niggle behind one knee but¬†completed the run in a very impressive time – not that I am miffed or anything! Youngsters honestly! As for the others, well I am assuming that no news is good news……

So how is himself after the endeavours of the weekend? Well, much as it greaves me to admit it he is fine. It is always the way, those legs just transport him through any running challenge and away he goes.

However, he does have one other significant problem, (apart from me!). On race day, for once, the thought of sun tan lotion never crossed our minds, it is January after all. Whoops! Himself was running in his Tommy’s running vest – I will leave the rest to your imagination.


Needless to say he is glowing, similar to a nuclear accident in a red paint factory. It has settled slightly in the last couple of days but there is still considerable whinging on his part.

I have found myself questioning his treatment of the damage, as I was dozing off to sleep last night I detected a vaguely familiar odour Рbut one that I tended to associate more with  a bakery than a bedroom. On questioning he admitted to using coconut oil to soothe his burning skin Рrevolting. I hate coconut! I freely admit to being one of the easiest people around to feed РI am a human dustbin for all things edible Рexcept for coconut. I loathe the stuff! Immediately memories of desiccated coconut and those revolting little kiddies cakes sprung to mind. I was wide awake and feeling vaguely nauseous by the coconut stench that was making its way over from the other side of the bed. As for him, at this point he got the giggles and then started laughing in his own unique way Рwhich annoyed me even more.


Anyway, residual fatigue from Saturday must have eventually overcome me and I went off to the land of nod…………

But I am still not impressed and if he dares to lather himself in the offending oil again tonight there will be words…..

A quick update on the Silver Surfers – I assume that the other branch of the family’s technical helpdesk sorted out the one remaining, outstanding issue and all is well. There has been no contact thus far today. That could however be that I am deep in the dwang as I laughed loudly with the telephone experience of yesterday. For all I know the sock drawer could be more congested now than it was yesterday….

Time will tell…..


Till tomorrow….

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