No Weekend Jolly For The Sports Kit…………Impressed?

Well we are back – yeap, we survived another trip to Abu Dhabi or more to the point Abu Dhabi appears to have survived us – not really sure which way around is the most appropriate really.

Firstly, and most importantly, I am pleased to report that our efforts paid off and the sports kit did not just have a jolly over to the UAE and a weekend away, no we used it – training took place. Yeap, it saw the light of day. Impressed? I was!


Yeap, after the post of the other day when I commented on Mrs M being a bad influence, well that prompted her to go to the gym and so off we trundled on Friday morning. Now I am not going to say very much more about this, but I am sure that those readers who know Mrs M will appreciate the positive utterances that sprung from her mouth all throughout our joint gym session!


Anyway, we are back. My planned run for tonight is on hold – I appear to have returned with the lurgy and feel like I have been hit by a bus. Hopefully a good night’s kip will see me right and I will be out pavement bashing again tomorrow morning.

That said this not training when I was planning on training is almost tougher than the training itself – more beating myself up again going on here! Major panic is rolling through my head – only 11 weeks to the marathon, how will I ever be ready……aaarrrghhhh……………


Common sense please kick in – no I am not running tonight, I plan to run tomorrow morning….

Oh yes, some good news – the official, ‘proper’ metatarsal pads have arrived – hurrah! Well chuffed. No more making them out of cotton wool and zinc tape. They will be called into action tomorrow and I will report back in more detail tomorrow night.

Right, sleep well world, a full, normal, chaotic and dysfunctional service will be resumed tomorrow – make the most of the peace and quiet.


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