It Didn’t Hurt…….Till He Shoved A Hoofing Great Big Needle In It……

Well, today was the day – the review appointment with the Orthopaedic dude at the hospital.

Yeap, after doing my Darth Vader show stopper in the x-Ray dept and then the more than traumatic experience in the MRI monster,  all the results were in and I was due to meet the man in the know to learn of my fate – or to be more precise that of my left foot.


Well, the results are pretty much inconclusive and apart from a few seconds worth of hiatus when for some inexplicable reason he departed from perfect English into high speed Arabic, (when I must have looked more than slightly bewildered), he said that the next step would be an injection and see what happens. News to me as I thought we were waiting to pump it full of numbing juice until 2 weeks before London – but hey ho who am I to argue…..

Before I knew it I was rugby tackled onto the treatment plinth by his Indian side kick nurse, (whose dudeness , I have to say, is almost equal to the good Doc’s), a syringe was drawn up and just as he was about to delve deep into my foot………….his trusty side-kick reminded him that marking the correct area of the foot may be a good idea – not sure if that was reassuring or not to be honest.


Next thing I knew my hands were whisked away from their position of support and suddenly I was flat on the bed.

After drawing on my foot, the needle was thrust forth into the area between my second and third metatarsal heads and numbing juice poured in.

As devoted readers will know, my foot pain only usually becomes a problem when I am running, well until today.

As the numbing juice went in a combination of the pain, pins and needles and smouldering gun powder shot up through my foot and up through my toe where the gun powder seemed to ignite into life and blow the end of my toes off into the good Doc’s eye. On closer inspection I am pleased to report that actually my toe is intact and the Doc’s eyesight is unhindered – quite useful when you are an orthopaedic surgeon I should think.


At this point the conversation shifted to the marathon and the Doc asking if I was planning on running the whole marathon – I am not sure what he was thinking or asking but I replied that yes – at which point he rolled his eyes to the ceiling and sighed, I suspect he has quite a few distance running expats that he has to regularly put back together.

As I raised myself off the bed I was hit by a blast of pain in my foot and hobbled over to the desk – at the sometime as checking that I was OK to go out running again tonight. Eye roll and sigh number two from the good Doc and a very indiscreet grin and snigger from his trusty side-kick.


I was then given full authorisation to don the running shoes and hit the pavement this evening.

So, a review at two weeks and outside of the office his trusty side-kick tried to make the appointment.

Trusty side-kick: ‘ Ma’am, two weeks today is 22nd’

Me: ‘Sorry, I am in the UK’

Trusty side-kick: ‘OK, ma’am, Saturday 27th’

Me, and I should have known better: ‘No sorry, I am doing a 24hr Spinathon then so will be on a bike’

Trusty side-kick:’Ma’am you will be cycling?’

Me: ‘Yeap, 24hrs of indoor cycling for charity’

It was at this point that complete silence overtook the reception area in the orthopaedic department at Kingdom Hospital in Riyadh as the five or so people fell silent and starred at me – 2 of them were wearing niqabs but judging by their fixed pupils in my direction I got a strong impression that underneath they were open mouthed.

At this point I decided to shut up before I was arrested and deported for unsuitable behaviour, (do not forget that cycling in general for women here is not deemed as suitable for the fairer sex – let alone 24hrs on a Spinning® bike). Anyway, once they had all got over their shock and the trusty side-kick had produced eye roll and sigh number three on behalf of the trusty Doc, the appointment was made and I legged it out of the hospital before they found out about any other sporting activities which may just have sent them over the edge and me straight to the airport with a one-way ticket!

7acc8ffa3a6a1c0d1e2620650ac489e3So, how is the foot? Well, it feels somewhat weird and lurches from being completely normal to pretty sore. Tonight’s run was interesting, pain in different places, (in the foot I hasten to add), but I am optimistic that an improvement is inbound………..

Time will tell……….

So, Pancake Day tomorrow and the extremely generous contribution of 5SR per pancake sold to the fundraising campaign from the Kid’s Committee.


Oh, yes and the launch of the ‘How Much Weight Lost’ Sweepstake…..more of that later….

Right, laters!

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