I Am Here – Just A Tad Busy With A Spinathon……..


Greetings from the land of sand!

Yeap, I made it back in one piece – despite yet another skirmish with BA. It now looks like the relationship with BA is in a terminal state and will almost certainly see no more bookings with ‘The World’s Most Arrogant Airline’

However, Spinathon mania has taken over and my every waking moment seems to be spent on things related to Spinning®.

Anyway, apologies and all that stuff but I am struggling to find time to blow my nose at the moment and so no blog for today.

However, normal service will be resumed in due course and of course with plentiful and abundant updates from the 24hrs of fun and frolics from Friday morning!

Now, where did I put that padded seat……..?



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