Ooohhhh Exciting – Time To Get Guessing……


And the good news just keeps on coming.

This is open to everybody – wherever you are in the world, not just here in Saudi!

You will remember me nattering on about the weight loss sweepstake a few weeks ago – you know the one where I suggested you have a guess at how much weight I have lost between starting training at the end of September 15 and the end of The London Marathon?

Well, you may also recall that I said at that time we did not have a prize.

Well, we do now.

Thanks to the ultimate generosity of Shane Sandeman and The Cyber Hut we now have either a 10″ iPad or a 10″ Samsung Tablet! Shane will be confirming this in the very near future – but it is one or the other.

I am overwhelmed with the generosity – thank you so much to Shane and The Cyber Hut!

So, best I get on with redesigning the posters!

So, just to recap – the sweepstake is to guess how much weight I have lost in all this mad capped training between the end of September and the end of The London Marathon.

I hasten to add that I will NOT be offended by any guesses – it is all for raising money for Tommy’s after all.

Whatever the final weight is will I know be guessed by more than one person – in this case all the names of the people with the correct guess will be put into a hat and the winner drawn out at random.

So, the cost per entry is 5SR or £1, or whatever the equivalent is in your currency.

For those people here on Salwa it is easy to enter, just give me a shout, pay your money and make your guess. For those people wanting take part, drop me an email, (, let me know your guess and then go to and pay your money, (feel free to have as many goes as you like – just remember to pay for each go!) Once I see the money arrive in the Virgin Money account your entry will be registered!

So let’s go……

So, I think that covers it for now……don’t forget I won’t be offended!



Don’t forget to donate, this is all about raising money for Tommy’s

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