On The Scrounge………Please…..???

OK, To  all the Every Inch Of Tarmac, (EIOT), devotees…. I am on the scrounge please.

As you know our massive fund-raising campaign to support Tommy’s, www.tommys.org, is galloping along at a phenomenal pace and we have been both humbled and overwhelmed with everybody’s support and generosity.
One of the many, many activities that is being organised is a raffle and we already have lots and lots of fab prizes that have been donated. We have beauty vouchers, exercise vouchers, dog grooming vouchers, cakes & food vouchers – absolutely fantastic donations for which we are very grateful.
However, as always, we are looking for more and so I am on the scrounge – not just from EIOT devotees here in Saudi, but from those  all over the world.

Everybody knows somebody who can offer something fab, hotel stays, airline tickets, gadgets, technology…….pretty much anything that makes the raffle even more attractive.
So, all the EIOT fans, wherever you may be in the world, please spread this post far and wide so that everybody sees it and we can maximise the potential of this campaign. All prizes would be very, very gratefully received!
Thank you to all the EIOT devotees!

Don’t forget to donate, this is all about raising money for Tommy’s

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