More Blue Rinses Than Noodles In Minestrone Soup…….

So, in light of my apparent issues with running and the fact that I will be doing The London Marathon regardless of whatever is going on in my head and I will complete it – even if I crawl – I hit the gym today and in style.

Two hours of hard-core climbing on the stepper and then a good swim and I feel great. I could have done more – I will crack the 24 April come hell or high water!

The chances of a successful swim were pretty much limited – I can safely say that I have never seen so many ladies of more mature years in one place – let along a swimming pool – for quite sometime.


Yeap, there were more blue rinses in that pool than noodles in minestrone soup this morning. Not only that but they were determined to follow their own routes – any diversion was completely disregarded and they were going to plough on at any cost. Anybody in the way was destined to be run down, drowned and left to fester in the deep end of the pool.


Now in theory that is fine – survival of the fittest and all that – in this case I suspect the fittest and most determined were the blue rinses. However thanks to all the dodging and weaving to avoid the more mature swimmers who were fixed purely in maintaining a straight line at all costs, I am convinced that I swam an extra quarter of a mile – at least!

However, all good training.

Will continue to plough on……regardless……


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