Bye Bye Clean & Tidy House…??? & An Apology – Maths Was Never My Strong Point….

The first part of tonight’s blog is an apology. I have never been good at maths and that combined with the fact that I am in denial how quickly time is going before the big day, means that I genuinely thought that yesterday was the 27 March when in fact, as himself pointed out later on in the evening, was the 29 March and so there were not four days at all before the end of the Swimming Challenge but two. As such, I would have to be a combination of a mermaid, (yeah, right), Michael Phelps and a jet propelled torpedo to get to 15 miles by the end of the month.


Therefore, my revised goal of 15 miles has been re-revised to 13 miles which will be duly completed tomorrow. I can not see any circumstances which will necessitate a re-re-revision short of the pool springing a leak over night and being nothing more than a shallow puddle in the deep end.

I am slightly concerned though that himself was the only person to comment on this faux pas – does anybody else read the blog?

Is there anybody out there? Can you hear me?


Anyway, onto important matters. Let’s face it, I will keep rambling on even if nobody reads this.

Well, firstly to training. The dust appears to be settling – albeit rather slowly. The wind is lessening and so up to about 10 minutes ago I was thinking that tomorrow will be the last 2 miles of the swimming challenge, (first ever 2 mile swim – let’s go out with a bang!), and then off out for a good run on Friday.

That was until I just glanced at the weather forecast and guess what, apparently the dust storm is coming back with vengeance on Friday. Oh great, I thought to myself, just what I need.

I have to say that I take weather forecasts out here with the scepticism, (me? cynical and sceptical?, never!), so I will be keeping everything crossed that it is just a blip and actually it is going to be slightly overcast with occasional glimpses of the sun, cool and no wind.

Michael Fish eat your heart out!


Anyway, as when I was out on my bike this morning there was still enough dust and muck in the air to make me sneeze and my eyes water like the Trevi Fountain I opted for the gym option.

Warm up on the treadmill followed by cross country on the stepper on a high resistance. At this rate I will be able to crack a nut in my buttocks and lift a camel with my hamstrings.


All good at the gym, but even I am getting twitched by the lack of outdoor running. Best I get on and do the ‘Dance To The Wrong Weatherman’ as a matter of urgency.

So, no day in our household would be complete without even a hint of chaos and mayhem.

Well, chaos and mayhem came home to a nice, clean and tidy house the other evening accompanied by himself.

Bye bye nice, clean and tidy house.

The chaos has been increasing over the last few days but plenty of deep breathing and calm thoughts have kept me calm.

Until tonight.

Yeap, it was a double whammy tonight.

Firstly, himself was making a curry for dinner. Lovely, I hear you cry and usually it is. Apart from tonight he left the curry sauce in the wok on the cooker on a high heat and proceeded to go and sit down in the lounge.

The damage was impressive, with homemade curry sauce pretty much covering a .75metre radius of the cooker. In fact it is fair to say there was more curry sauce spread about the kitchen than left in the wok.


Himself started to make nosies about cleaning it up when I suggested with some force that actually I would clean it up.

When he asked why, his nose was put out of joint when I replied that if I did it it would be done properly and I would not end up cleaning it all up anyway after he had gone to work in the morning.

No sooner had I finished cleaning that mess up than I heard the small man disappear off into the kitchen. Naively, I was not worried – I should have been.

The Three Musketeers were watching ‘Penn & Teller Tell A Lie’ – one of the small man’s favourite programmes. On this outrageous scientific claims are made – some are true and some are made up.


So, one of tonight’s claims was that by holding an egg with your forefinger on one end and your thumb on the other.

So, the small man felt the need to check this claim personally to see if it was the true or false one.

As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted by the sight of broken egg all over the floor, (guess that was the false claim then).


A summons was issued for the guilty party and I was told that it had been cleaned up – I am not sure in whose imagination that had been cleaned up.

It was at this point that himself suggested I go upstairs for a post gym shower, a long shower or maybe even a soak in the bath. As I climbed the stairs I could hear frantic wiping up of egg in the kitchen….

Not my spelling mistake - I am not taking responsibility for that one!

Not my spelling mistake – I am not taking responsibility for that one!

Anyway, I am now relatively calm, I have cleaned the kitchen floor and there are no obvious signs of curry sauce…

Other than all that everything is as normal in our house. the small man┬ástill has blue hair, the strawberry blond hand grenade’s laptop is with Rafiq, the lounge looks like a hurricane has run through it and there is just 25 days till The London Marathon!

Just another day in our household…..


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