Challenge Completed – Just Going To Add A Wee Bit More…..

I am chuffed! Yeap, really chuffed! Today I swam another 1.5 miles – making a total of 11 miles for the whole of March. Yeap, in theory that means that my Swimming Challenge is completed.


But, and yes there is always a but with me, I have decided there is another four days till the end of the month so I am going for 15 miles – bring it on!!!

Yeap, another great swimming session, really pushed myself and yes my shoulders are aching more than ever but I did it – hurrah!

I would really like to be able to go for a run – go on dust storm, get lost!


So, what else has been happening today? Well, the small man still has quite a marked blue stripe down the centre of his head, (click here for an explanation of the small man’s hair….) with a slight spike at the back. There is also a previously undetected blue area close to his left ear.

The blue streaks have faded off his face – mainly by virtue of the fact that he came swimming with us this afternoon, (sorry swimming pool for the extra blue tinge in the water). That said it took him a while to put his head under the water and when I finally managed to get the reason out of him, he declared concern that the magnetic putty in the water would react with the chlorine and his head would explode – get your head under the water boy!

08 May 2001 --- Exploding head --- Image by © John Lund/CORBIS

A considerable amount of time this evening has been spent trying to sort out the daughter’s laptop which is seldom used. Panic ensued as she tried to boot it up and remembered that last she used it she had changed the password, but had now forgotten the new password. When I idley asked if she has made a note of the new password, she replied yes – on my laptop……… it me?


So, another trip to see Rafi tomorrow – at least this time I won’y have to pretend that the affected gadget has not been down my sports bra, even I would have problems fitting a laptop into my trusted running buddy or Dolly Parton wannabe!


Right, best go and charge the clippers up, I fear it is really going to be the only solution with a certain young man’s hair……


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