Crisis Over – Now There’s A Relief!…..?????

Not much to report today – rest day and general diff naff & triv. However, the crisis is over! Hurrah! Yeap, a quick call in at Booths this morning revealed that the big Booths gluten free lager wagon had paid a visit and the shelf was stacked full. ┬áBefore you asked, no there were no mini eggs today – I learn’t my lesson with the message from a higher being yesterday….


Whoop whoop on the lager though!

Anyway, no near misses today – well apart from an escaped sheep blocking the track to the cottage but that is pretty much par for the course around here and not very exciting.


So, I won’t ramble on with senseless nonsense this evening, (there’s a first!), and will wander off to enjoy my GF lager.


Only for now - you don't get away that easily!

Only for now – you don’t get away that easily!

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