Four Weeks To Go & Yes – I Am Terrified!???

Well the peace is about to be shattered – yeap the gruesome and himself are en route back from their skiing jolly to the land of sand and are due to burst forth through the front door later on this evening.

That said I can’t complain – I have had a week of peace and quiet spread between the idyllic Cumbrian countryside and latterly back here in the land of sand – yes, there was the flood issue but it helped to make for a more interesting return home.

So, as I sit here in the clean and tidy house my mind wanders to how long it will stay as such…….


Anyway, big day today. Yeap, it is four weeks to go to London!  This time in four weeks I will be lying down in a heap somewhere feeling very proud of myself. Positive thinking and all that.

Am I ready for the extravaganza? I don’t know to be honest as I have never done a full marathon before but everybody who I talk to who has done London all say that the atmosphere and crowd support get you through it.

London, UK. 26 April, 2015. Fun runners in fancy dress during the London Marathon 2015.

I have hit one small problem though. I have come back to the land of sand to be greeted by dust storms. For those people who have never experienced a true Middle Eastern dust storm then think of strong winds on a beach and multiply it by a lot. Except that the sand here is not like that at Bridlington or Sutton-On-Sea, it is much more gritty and dirty – it is mixed with copious amounts of dirt and yes, almost certainly, camel poo.


These dust storms make running outside impossible. Just being inside I am wheezing, sneezing and snotty. So, it is off to the gym and pool.

The swimming challenge is going exceptionally well. 1.5 miles per session is now routine and I am delighted with how my swimming has come on over the last month – really delighted. And yes, stand by for a shock, I am actually enjoying it. Yeap, there’s a surprise for all the regular readers – I am enjoying my swimming. Believe me nobody is more surprised about that statement than me. I got to 1 mile today and was enjoying it so much that I did an extra half without any problems. I was tempted to do another half  as well but the lure of the salad bar and a rumbling stomach was too much to cope with. Yes, thanks to all this swimming my shoulders feel like they have doubled in width but all good – everything is a positive for the marathon.


I am now 9.5 miles into my 10 mile challenge with 4 days left in the month. I have decided to aim for at least 12 miles now – strike while the irons hot and all that.

So the gym – I am at that awkward stage where in order to progress on the amount of time that it takes in the gym to reach new pastures and unknown territory is so long then the boredom threshold hits way before then. At least in Cumbria I could run in gorgeous countryside and crack on there, but no the gym here is no substitute.

But I will persevere. I am training everyday at the moment, one day swimming and the next the gym to maximise absolutely everything as much as possible and hopefully these damned dust storms will settle soon. A few runs at 2000ft above sea level at the moment would do me no harm at all.

Right, best I go and get ready for the imminent arrival of the Three Musketeers and the subsequent chaos. I will be pleased to see them though. Despite the pleasures of a week of peace and quiet I have really rather missed them…….shhhhhh – our secret, don’t tell them!



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One thought on “Four Weeks To Go & Yes – I Am Terrified!???

  1. I could not complete ‘The World’s Most Boring Marathon™’ because of my massive allergies caused by said dust. Now I have had to take 2 weeks off (great leave) and slowly get back up to speed if you will pardon the pun. I may wait and run it at the same time as you are doing London……Race you to the finish!

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