As Jamie Lawson Recently Said – ‘Wasn’t Expecting That….’????

Well Jamie Lawson – never a truer word and all that and nobody was more shocked and surprised than me….


So, what happened? I hear you cry…..well maybe not but I will tell you anyway.

So, as I snuggled up under the duvet this morning I started to think about my plans for today. Officially it is a rest day today after the major gym session and subsequent swimming in blue rinse minestrone soup of yesterday. But then something quite extraordinary happened – especially considering the purgatory that has been ongoing in my head for sometime regarding running.

Yeap, for some odd reason I had an overwhelming urge to go running.I have no idea where it came from but it was definitely there. I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming and if I had had a thermometer here I would probably have checked to see if I had a temperature.


A quick glance out of the window confirmed that while it was drizzling there was no snow and so there should be no ice. Still the urge to go running was still there – without any of the usual panicking or feeling, (or being physically sick), at the thought.

So, let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, strike while the irons hot, grab the bull by the horns etc etc……..


One rather tasty bowl of porridge later the ultimate test came round – getting the running kit out. But no, the desire to run was still there.

So, off I trotted, and trotted and trotted. A very good friend messaged me last night and suggested that as sheep are a lot more common up here than Sports Psychologists that I chat to them as I go. So today I had a few rather one sided conversations but gee it was better than nothing. I did find myself singing a few times – much to the disgust of the sheep.

This was the view on my run today - gorgeous!

This was the view on my run today – gorgeous!

Now please remember the geography of the area I am in – there are hills, chuffin’ big hills that are pretty evil. I did allow myself a little flexibility with the really big and evil hills and power walked up them but on the whole I was a panic free zone.


I even managed to incorporate some speed training which involved screaming at myself to ‘get moving’ and ‘keep moving’ – now those outbursts did upset the sheep who scattered like balls on a snooker table with an opening shot and I suspect that Mr & Mrs Pheasant who were I think trying to make baby pheasants were not too impressed either. However, it worked for me.



Anyway, 8.5 miles later I arrived back feeling pretty good – with no retching!

So, am I any further on in my training? I hope so. Have I put my demons to rest? I don’t know. Do I know what the heck is going on? Nope, no idea. Will I be out running again soon? Yes. Am I going to finish the London Marathon? Absolutely, yes. Am I going to raise more money for Tommy’s? Hell yes!

Right, I have a dinner appointment with the daughter this evening so best I start to think about getting myself sorted out – don’t want to embarrass her do I?, (well, yes I do actually – after all it is part of my job isn’t it?)


Oh, by the way – I was totting up the money that is still scattered around from the various events and with several events still to go we have broken the the £10,000 mark – how fab is that??? Thank you to everybody who has supported, is supporting or is planning on supporting in the future. You are all fab!



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