‘At Least He Will Smell Nice, Even If He Does Have A Blue Mohican……..’

Well, they are home. Yeap, they descended at around 2330 last night. The nice, clean and tidy house is now……….well not as nice, clean or tidy. But they are back, they had a fantastic time skiing and to be honest it is great to have them back.


The pants weather is still here, the coughing, sneezing and wheezing is ongoing – not just for me but for everybody within a 100 mile radius I suspect.

My trip to the gym this afternoon confirmed that I had made the right decision not to run, our fab South African GP was in there and commented that anybody who tries to run in this weather is likely to be pretty off colour afterwards – not her accurate words but to be honest you had to hear them in her broad South African accent to appreciate their value.

So yes, a major gym visit today. In the absence of running I plumped for a major glutes workout and programmed the stepper specifically for glutes on a higher than high resistance for a long time. Ouch. I now feel like I am sat on a coal fire with extra firelighters underneath. Must have done the job then.

My gym session was aided by the arrival of the gorgeous Annie with her little brother and oh yes, her Mum and Dad. Mum and Dad were in to use the gym and Annie and her bro were there to play on the side lines. For those of you who do not know about Annie, I really strongly recommend that you take a look atĀ Inspirational Annie – A Story Of Love and Determination. Annie is a gorgeous little girl and yet another reason why we are doing what we are doing. So, when my glutes and hamstrings were on fire in the gym this afternoon and Annie walked in, what better incentive could there be to make me work harder and make those muscles burn even more?


Swimming again tomorrow – definitely going to go well beyond my 10 mile goal, whoop whoop!

So, the blue mohican. Well, as I mentioned the Three Musketeers are back – in force and yes, as everybody is well aware, it is the school holidays. So, that makes the perfect combinationĀ for extra mischief.


Well, during my mammoth glutes training session in the gym the small man pulled a blinder.

I was initially alerted to the situation when I came back from the gym and was told to go straight into the lounge, don’t panic and sit down. Himself and the strawberry blond hand grenade were there, but no sign of the small man. Initially I thought there must have been an accident, but no – they were too calm. Then the small man entered the lounge with his hand on his head. As I frowned questioningly, he removed his hand………to reveal quite a neat and well sculpted blue mohican.


As the small man’s hair is relatively short and blond this mohican was not big, but it was impressive.

It turns out that the small man had decided to create this being using his magnetic putty no less. For those who do not know about magnetic putty, (and I certainly did not know until he explained it to me), it is a thick gloopy gunge which contains some sort of metallic filings. It comes with a big chunky magnet and as a result all sorts of shapes can be produced and all sort of magnetic experiments executed.

The down side of this is that many, many hours are spent playing with this and it gets everywhere. Long term readers of this blog may recall the new carpets which were replaced last year and which I have protected and guarded against all stains, marks, debris, husbands and children – with similar ferocity to Boris Johnson protecting his cycle lanes, any danger is immediately expunged, (Maybe Going For A Run Would Have Been Easier….). However, the inevitable has happened, not with the normal chocolate or juice stains but with small blue spots of magnetic putty that have taken up residence in various parts of the carpet and resolutely refuse to give up their sticky grip on the carpet fibres.


So, I am greeted by a small man with a blue magnetic putty mohican. My initial thought was, ‘well if I can’t shift that stuff out of the carpet, then I won’t be able to get it out of his hair…..’.

At this point himself explained that efforts had been made to comb it out but as it was now rock hard then the moaning and whinging associated with combing made it an impossible task.

I even got the magnet out of the kit to try to coax the putty out but no, it just stuck to the blue gunk and detracted from what was the impressive feature that was the mohican.

So, the next step was the shower. The small man is a typical small man and while he does shower reasonably regularly, the thoroughness of these watery ventures are often questioned. Tonight he had no choice in the matter and he was despatched to the shower with himself instructed to supervise.


Initially there was no success – the gunk refused to be shifted. Then the small man took decisive action – he turned the shower onto as hot as he could cope with.

Success – the gunk started to melt. The plus side of this is obvious, while still having a vaguely blue tinge to his blond locks the mohican is gone. The down side of this is that the shower, and whole bathroom for that matter, is now redecorated with melted blue gunk which has pretty much gone everywhere and reset. It would appear that when melted, magnetic putty increases in volume and takes it upon itself to redesign everything that it comes into contact with.

This is not just limited to the bathroom. The gunk melted and ran down the small man, to the point that his face now has a blue tinge to it, similar to when as a teenager we all tried to dye our hair and ended up with streaks down our faces and necks.

From a distance it does look like he has been in a fight, from a closer perspective he looks pretty hypoxic.

Oh well, if anybody sees the small man in the near future I would just like to assure them now, in advance, that the small man is actually in the best of health and has not been brawling. He has just been into mischief with a tin of blue magnetic putty.

Well, best I go off and attempt to scrape the blue highlights from the bathroom.


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