Mopping Up At Midnight Was Not High On My Agenda For Last Night………

So, back in the land of sand on what was actually quite a routine flight. Well, almost routine apart from the fact that I nearly missed the damned thing! Yeap, at Heathrow nice and early, shopping done, beer and bacon consumed and then I took a seat with my back to the gate and put my earphones in……

Don’t think I need to elaborate any further, other than to say that by chance I took my earphones out to hear the final boarding call and the fact they were about to close the gate…..whoops!


Anyway, I made it and flew a relatively uneventful trip back home – now there’s a first!

It was when I got home that the fun began.

In my innocence I opened the washing machine to load it up as I unpacked the first suitcase………

I was actually cursing himself who had left the door closed and I hate this as it makes the machine smell. However, a few moments later I was quite relieved that he had. Had the door been open then the resulting chaos would have been monumental.

You see the washing machine had, despite being switched off, been slowly filling with water all the time we were away and had actually completely filled. As the water level was way above the door there was no sign of any problem…..

So, as I sleepily opened the door I was greeted by a tsunami of epic proportion as the backlog of pressure exploded across the kitchen – engulfing me in the process.

I slammed the door shut and managed to contain some of the water but by now there was a lake in the kitchen and I had been stood directly in the way. Much as I would like to claim to have been a break water, alas not – I was drenched.


The water was everywhere, under the cooker, tumble dryer, dishwasher………

So, an impromptu kitchen clean after an international flights……lovely……..

Anyway, the legend that is Apol, (the compound’s own walking, talking home gadget expert), arrived. Apol has featured in the blog before – primarily when the cooker went on strike but in typical form he arrived when summoned and scratched his stubbly chin with a sharp intake of breath as he diagnosed the problem – only when he had finished laughing at my plight as I described the flood chaos of last night.

Apol is one of those guys who is pretty much ageless, at the roughest possible guess he must be mid to late fifties. Like all the guys who keep the compound up and running he is from somewhere east of here. I do not actually know where Apol is from but I suspect the Philippines.

The best way of describing the dude of Apol is to compare him to Mr┬áKesuke Miyagi from Karate Kid. There is a distinct resemblance between the two – even if the accents are not completely the same.


The big difference is that Apol wears a baseball cap, boiler suit and rides a tricycle that over the years he has fashioned with various additions to carry tools and spare parts around the compound. I suspect that somewhere there is an attachment that means he could carry a whole washing machine if needed. It even has a roof to protect him from the sun in summer…

So, now you have an image of Apol, the compound’s electrical appliance repair guru.

So, imagine my surprise as he gave the kiss of life to the washing machine this afternoon and I was wandering around with music on, when I heard him start to hum and then sing along to Gym Class Heroes.


No I jest you not, it was brief but I am sure that he did…….epic……

Anyway, more swimming this morning – another 1.5miles completed. My total is now 8 miles and I am well on target to complete my 10 miles by the end of the month – hurrah!


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