One Of ‘Those’ Questions & A Crackin’ Run……

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday – just on the off chance that anybody actually missed it or was wondering, a combination of an afternoon in the pub and England v Wales made for a situation not conducive to a coherent blog – apologies!


Well, the good news, apart from the England victory that is, is that I had a cracking run yesterday morning. It was decision day as yesterday was the day of the local half marathon – well to be honest it was more than a half marathon as it is over 14miles, but even so it is a major event and advertised as that.

Under normal circumstances both himself and I would have been there and ready to rumble, however this is Cumbria. We had a good look at the website and were really rather intimidated by the hills. Then we looked at last years finishing times and realised that this was no run of the mill race, no – it is massively competitive. The last placed lady in last year’s race was still quicker than my Sangcom Half-Marathon time, (which granted was not my best run), and so commons sense kicked in and we declined to enter.

I am however planning on running that route over the next couple of weeks and may choose to compete next year…

However, I did want to run, (yes I know but I suspect that you have about as much idea as I do about what is going on in mined), so first thing yesterday morning off I went. 2 hours & 11 minutes later I found myself in a completely different town, waiting for himself and the gruesome twosome to arrive. Up steep hills, dodging sheep and enjoying the gorgeous countryside…A cracking run and to be honest feeling pretty good after it.


Swimming this morning – but short once again by the chaos in the swimming pool. Not the blue rinse brigade again I hasten to add, but the families out to wear the kids out on a Sunday morning. Fair enough I suppose but don’t they realise we have a target to reach this month???

Anyway, another half mile down – need to get some good distances in on the swimming front over the next couple of weeks….


So, for once we have actually been a full and intact family here in the UK this weekend. The daughter was duly collected from school and despite the obvious and inevitable mother- daughter skirmishes we have so far had a great weekend.

The daughter managed to purloin my waterproof ear-phones on the way back from the pool and was quite happily sat listening to my music, humming and signing along and annoying us all greatly. However, any annoyance was outweighed by us all being together so we got on with it.

As we approached the village the humming stopped and the often heard cry of ‘Mum’, came from the back seat. ‘Yes’ I replied. Then the question came, ‘Mum, who sings the song ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me?” At this point I almost crashed the car into the sheep field, (well one of the many), and himself choked on his piece of fudge.


Never one to hide things from the children I replied, ‘Rhianna, S&M’.

My heart sank as I waited for the inevitable question from either child, ‘what is S&M mummy?’

I am still waiting with an air of resignation and dread………..

I will keep you posted……

Swimming and or gym/running tomorrow…..

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