Resistance Is Futile………???

Whoop whoop – Swimming Challenge completed. Resistance is futile shoulders – crack on with it!


Yeap, 2.1 miles completed today making a grand total of 13.1 miles over the whole of March – well happy!

Readers of last night’s blog will know that I was planning to do 2 miles today to take my total up to 13 miles, but as I was ploughing up and down the pool I was struck by the idea, (oh heck, another idea!), of making it up to half marathon distance. Oh well, why the heck not!

Any all done! Well chuffed!

Well chuffed

So how are the arms? Well, I can’t actually feel my shoulders and am concerned that they may have fallen off, (this feeling is not helped by the fact I have also done 3 x 90 secs planking), but as my hands and fingers appear to be working in writing this blog I’m reasonably confident that my shoulders are where they should be. They were definitely aching throughout today’s pool session but as per tonight’s title, resistance is futile and once that was taken on board they saw me through the swim quite nicely.

So, will I be doing more swimming? I think I will. Yes, for those long term blog readers you did read that right, I am going to carry on swimming, (to see how far I have really come with my swimming, take a look at this blog post…..Day Of The Watery Nemesis). Maybe not 2.1 miles at a time on a regular basis but certainly using it for training and upper limb strength.

So, to tomorrow’s run and the weather. The jury is out – today the weather has not been great and would not have been good for a run but tomorrow is another matter. It is not looking great at the moment but time will tell……….If all else fails off to the gym again…



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