‘Blimey Mum, You Stink……’

Charming! Yeap, that was the cry from both of the gruesome twosome when I cam back from my run this morning. Pretty ironic really that the cry of ‘Mum, you stink’ should come from the small man who is immune from showers, soap & anything even vaguely clean, (and still has a blue patch in his hair), but there you have it – I stunk!


Yeap – I was right to be sceptical and cynical, the Saudi weatherman got it wrong and the warning for severe sandstorms this morning was completely unfounded. Quite the opposite actually, as I wound up the blind this morning I was greeted by perfect running conditions, slightly overcast, a light and gentle wind, no sun and most importantly of all good visibility, (meaning no damned sand and dust!). Great stuff!

Himself had already pulled on his running kit and was on the verge of heading out and I would not be far behind.

One bowl of porridge, two children fed and all the obligatory essential household morning jobs done later, I headed out of the door and away I went.

The weather was really perfect, at least for the first couple of hours until the sun actually came out directly overhead and the temperature climbed dramatically.


So, a great run – yeap there was some walking but hey ho, I am planning on a mainly running with some walking plan for the 24th, I even knocked a reasonable time off my last half marathon time from January at the 13.1 mile mark.

Really chuffed actually, with the distance and time today I should be on target for my 5 hour goal and that is having trained hard everyday for the last 8 days with no rest days, (daft I know).

As for the feet – well painkillers taken before the run, pads in shoes and strapping on the feet. Not brilliant but a definite improvement. Next injection on 13th!

Also, really chuffed about the fact that I beat those damned gremlins in my head today and ran, ran, ran around the compound – probably one of the most mentally challenging environments to run in thanks to dust, 2000ft up and of course being exactly the same at all points and pretty mind-numbing!

Yeap, Cumbria is one of the most physically challenging environments I have ever run in and the compound is the toughest mentally challenging environment.

Couple of rest days now – but might have a gentle swim, (did I really say that????) and then a couple of gentle trots, (weather permitting), around the compound before tapering………deep joy!


Anyway, you will be pleased to know that I have now showered and am back in the small man’s good books as a nice smelling Mum.

One small problem though – some people get sore nipples when they run, some get chaffing……not me, I have a red and sore tummy button, not sure how I managed that one………..

Oh well, laters…..


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