Busy Day Organising The Disorganised………

A brief post tonight, the Strawberry Blond one is heading back to school and so there is a mad case of getting her organised when quite frankly she is quite apathetic about being organised. It is quite challenging organising the disorganised this evening.

Ho hum…….

Best she gets her act together before she hits school on Monday or Matron will have her guts for garters.

Had a fab morning this morning in the souqs in Dyrah – the old part of Riyadh. It is a long time since I have been there and I had forgotten how fab it is.

Just one of the streets of Dyrah - a veritable feast of bric-a-brac heaven.....

Just one of the streets of Dyrah – a veritable feast of bric-a-brac heaven…..

Shame it is right next to ‘Chop Chop’ square and the specialist water fountains and overlooked by the offices of ‘The¬†Committee of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice’ but hey ho, they have to be somewhere I suppose.

We have visited ‘Chop Chop’ in the past and it is actually quite a beautiful, albeit tad unique, area of town once cast its real purpose to the back of your mind.

Anyway, enough of that – a fab wander around Dyrah, lunch at the equally fab Cafe Bateel and then home to organise the disorganised.

It has suddenly beach,me clear to me that my more recent blogs have lacked a certain humour and variety of those slightly older ones.

This is directed at me I hasten to add.....

This is directed at me I hasten to add…..

I suspect that this may be due in no small part to the imminent departure of the strawberry blond hand grenade but then to the hiatus in chaotic activity in our lives at present – although flying with Saudia next Thursday and then my last pre-booked BA flight back to the the UK next week that is highly likely to change. Yeap, stand by, BA here I come with the small man next weekend, anything could happen……

Finally, I suspect that the upcoming adventure which is the small matter of the London Marathon may also be playing heavily on my mind, consciously and not.

So apologies for the lack of humorous drama of late, please make the most of the calm – there is no knowing how long it will last but any extension beyond next weekend is looking increasingly unlikely.

Right, best go and remind the daughter that she is off to the airport in the not too distant future and it may be a good idea to actually do something in preparation….

Matron – good luck!


No training today – starting to wind things down – may just go for a little potter up and down the lanes of the swimming pool tomorrow.


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