Bye Bye Blue, Hello Pool…….

Retorical question – why is it that I always charge up the rechargeable batteries, put them neatly in the box in the drawer and then when I need them the box is empty?


No answer required, just thinking out loud in a vaguely exasperated fashion……

So, I could not help myself – I went swimming today. Yeap, the transformation is quite incredible – from someone who would go to any lengths to avoid the water to somebody who now enjoys having flailing arms and legs going in all directions and swims for pleasure. Who’d have thought it……..

A nice leisurely mile completed – well leisurely by my standards with uncoordinated arms and legs and definite energy wastage, but a mile completed never the less.


Tomorrow is a rest day, definitely, no question about it – no training tomorrow.

To be honest I am not in bad shape at all after yesterday & neither is himself. I have realised that when the sun came out I got sunburnt on my face – basic error in no sun screen – doh! A mild ache in my left thigh and a continuing
sore tummy button, (still not sure how that came about), is pretty much as bad as it gets – well happy!

The big news of today is that himself has clippered the small man’s hair, the blue has finally gone. Not only that but he was then forced into the shower with shampoo and shower gel. He smells nice – let’s make the most of it.smell-roses

So, with the marathon looming large on the horizon, my mind has started wandering towards what the heck I do next – there has to be something in the pipeline, I can’t let all this work go to pot.

A few ideas are bouncing around in my head, oh no, more ideas!

I will keep you posted as things evolve…..


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