Constipation Is Not An Issue Today……..

Everything is done, the race packs have been collected, 6 months worth of hard training, 24 hrs on a Spinning bike, Sangcom Half Marathon completed, 13.1 miles swum – but yes, I am a nervous, quivering mess and yes, my toilet roll use I pretty much astronomical today – constipation is really not an issue.

Mouse:Toilet Paper

So what is going through my mind – everything imaginable and more besides. So far today there have been tears, silence, constant chatter, excitement, sickness, despair, fear and pretty much every other emotion that it is possible to feel. It is a long, long time since I have been in such a state.

My brain has completely blocked out the training that I have done and is convinced that I am in no shape to do tomorrow. Stupid I know but hey ho, that’s the way my brain rolls.


The Expo this morning was great but to be honest I think my mindset just sent me into a spiralling decline of despair and we did not get the best out of the experience.

I looked at everybody at the Expo this morning and decided that I am the only person completely crippled by fear – everybody else looked so chilled and relaxed. Completely unreasonable thought I know. I did ask himself about this and he just laughed and commented that if I thought that nobody else was nervous or terrified then I needed a reality pill. Typical himself – blunt as always.


To be honest the problem is how to fill this afternoon. Under normal circumstances a child-free weekend in London would mean wine bars, nice food, sight seeing – but not today. Neither of us know what to do with ourselves. I did suggest the cinema but himself was not keen. He fancied the pub but no way – no booze for me today and even he has a self-imposed embargo in place. Food – paranoia on that one, no way I am having a culinary extravaganza the day before tomorrow. Museums, ermm, no. Not keen on any extra walking than necessary today, however we had a good stomp around town before and after Expo which was a great leg stretch, himself forgot as always that his legs are twice as long as mine and that one of his strides are worth two of mine so I almost ran a 10KM race this morning alone.

Short Legs

So, we are just slobbing around at the hotel and rediscovering Saturday daytime TV – whoop whoop! Escape To The Country is over and now I find myself staring vacantly at an odd programme about a woman who rescues things from recycling centres and turns them into furniture. All very odd.

Oh well, football is on in a while. Himself is busying himself making ponchos out of bin bags in an attempt to keep us warm on the start line tomorrow. In typical fashion it is not enough to simply cut a head hole and two arm holes, oh no – they have to be done with military precision and tried on several times before they are deemed to be ready…..

We both just need to focus on why we are doing this.


I assume that all is well with the gruesome twosome. We did have an impromptu Facetime call first thing from The Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade – evidence that actually she is thinking about us and making sure we are OK.

As for the small man, well I suspect that he and Grandma are into mischief and keeping Grandad on his toes. I tried to Facetime earlier and the small man clearly grabbed the iPad and hit answer. Just as he answered I heard Grandma say something about cancelling the call so as I said ‘hi’ he retorted that ‘Grandma said to cancel the call, so bye’. With that he hung up and nobody is answering Facetime – charming!

Right, this lady on the TV is making a fox out of chicken wire – best I go and learn how to do this, you never know when such a skill will be of use…..

There may or may not be a post tomorrow…….

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