Craving Sunshine, BA Humiliation, Need A Truss? & Absolutely Ravenous………

Well, I am back and have been thrust forward at high velocity into life back in the land of sand. The last thing I ever thought I would find myself saying is that I am craving sunshine…Read on to find out what the heck I am on about.

First and foremost my post marathon recovery is continuing incredibly well with just a niggle in my left foot, a couple of aching muscles and yeap once again a sore tummy button. The metatarsal problem in my left foot was on the whole OK on Sunday – not surprising really as it is still full of anaesthetic, it definitely worked well.

Regular readers will know that the tummy button injury has been an issue before but now the mystery appears to be solved. Yeap, it is my running belt which rubs and actually causes quite a bit of damage on various parts of my torso.

The only other issue I have is that I am absolutely starving – constantly. I could eat a horse, (or scabby camel – well I could if they hadn’t closed the camel souq because of MERS, looks like I might have to eat the small man instead). Yeap, I have reached that point where I cannot eat enough and trying to restrain myself enough so as not to over indulge is a bit tricky.


I have spent quite a bit of time today sorting out marathon photos. We took the decision before the marathon to take advantage of the offer from the organisers to have specific photos taken during the marathon and while it was a tad pricey it has been well worth it. So, today they have been sorted out and uploaded to the blog, Facebook etc etc and put on display.

Usually I loath photos of me and will go to just about any lengths to avoid them. However, I took the plunge with the marathon and reluctantly decided to go with the concept. On the whole I am rather pleased with the results, but there is a problem. Yeap, in my head it is quite a large problem.

As everybody knows in the course of all these sporting challenges I have lost a considerable amount of weight, (final weigh in for the weight loss challenge is on Saturday – entries are still open if you are interested…..???), and on many of the photos I look OK.

However, on some I am slightly disturbed. Thanks to the fact that I was wearing my running belt under my vest I look to have a rather odd shape, in fact I look as though I have some medical condition that requires surgery, a truss and usually associated with ‘hims’ rather than ‘hers’. The fact that my running belt was rammed full of jelly babies, a couple of energy gels and my mobile phone does little to mitigate the problem as not only do I look like I have a medical disorder but one with odd and random lumps and bumps.


So, I would just like to say publicly and for the record I am fit and healthy and do not have any such condition. A full recovery was started as I ate the jelly babies and had the first of the energy gels as I made my way around the course and then achieved when I took the belt off at the finish.

So how are things back in the land of sand? Well, as normal really. It is getting warm, much warmer than when I left and today there was yet another dust storm – oh great! Stand by for sinus problems in the next few days.

One major shock arrived this morning when I opened the blind. Himself has been whinging ever since we moved here about sunshine coming in around the window blind in a morning and waking him up. Quite frankly sorting it out has been a low priority on my never ending list of jobs.

So, imagine my surprise and annoyance when this morning I went to ritually open the blind and gaze at the blue sky and sunshine to be greeted by a window covered in tin foil. To add insult to injury the tin foil looks like it has been put up by a one handed chimpanzee perched on the back of a hyperactive camel. There are rips, gaps, it is wonky and held up by copious amounts of sellotape and packing tape.


All in all it looks awful.

After cursing in a very unlady like way I lowered the blind again and walked away to consider the situation.

Should I rip the foil down? Should I call him at work to ask what was going on?

I have been mulling this over all day and have still not reached a conclusion, other than to say that every time I have walked into our room today I have been greeted by darkness – not the gorgeous sunshine that I am used to.

Now I know marriage is about compromise and all that, but this is going to drive me nuts. Not only because of the lack of sunshine in our room but also because of the Heath Robinson fashion that it has been put up.


I suspect compromise may go out of the window, (literally), and I may make an executive decision.

Tonight’s other news relates to that legendary organisation that dominates my life. Yes, British Airways, the world’s patronising airline, has struck again.

In what I thought was my last BA flight yesterday I never for one second thought I would find myself on the BA website again today.

In my catching up with all domestic and admin chores today, I finally got round to looking at flights for Ramadan – four weeks away.

I went straight to the Lufthansa website and had everything sorted and was on the brink of booking when himself walked into the room. As a throw away comment he suggested doing a comparison with another airline ‘just to see’. Just so that I could gloat that actually Lufthansa is much better than BA I went and checked.



How is it that today of all days BA came in cheaper than Lufthansa? Not just cheaper but considerably cheaper – in fact 4000SR (£730) cheaper. Now how does that work? BA, usually the world’s most expensive airline as well as the most patronising, on the occasion of me going to get figures purely for gloating purposes has a special offer on and comes in masses cheaper than Lufthansa who are 99.9% of the time the cheapest and most efficient airline around!

So, once himself had finished laughing his socks off, (well, he would have laughed them off he could get any on over his blistered feet), I had no option than to book the flights with BA.

Chewing a brick does not come close to it at the moment – not happy!


Off swimming tomorrow and looking forward to it. Had a bike ride round the compound tonight – felt good!

Right, best I head off and eat something, the small man is looking more edible with every second that goes by…..


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