Curiosity Killed The Cat…Well Laptop, Almost…….

I think most of the regular readers of this blog will know by now that I am the sort of soul who is eager to learn, keen to explore and generally try most things out of a sense of curiosity and having far too much damned energy. Well tonight I have learnt a lesson and yes tonight curiosity killed the cat – or in this case, by default, the mouse as tonight I have booby trapped my laptop.

Normally this would be my motto - but not tonight.......

Normally this would be my motto – but not tonight…….

Yeap, as I was sat mulling over tonight’s blog I was looking through various settings on my laptop – curious as to what various options did and to get to grips with how my partner in crime works.

Well yes, you can guess it – I pressed an option……


I have never really had a problem with my laptop, well part from spilling Gin & Tonic on it on two separate occasions, (in fairness one of those occasions was the small man spilling the G&T on it – yes it was my G&T but not me doing the spilling. The other time was completely my fault and I can blame no other for it – not even the slightest tenuous amount of blame can even be laid at himself’s door – unfortunately). Both cases taught me quite clearly that my trusty Apple product cannot take it’s drink and the subsequent hangover that the incidents produced led to it being taken into the big IT hospital, having its stomach pumped, (well a new keyboard in one case and a bit of TLC in the other) and a stern dressing down to me it’s responsible grown up – yeah, right – to be more careful with my G&T and keep it away from my laptop. So, as you can probably guess tonight’s events are entirely my fault for being curious and a bit stupid.


The option in question relates to saved passwords and things like that and I have to admit that as I hovered the cursor over the padlock, the thought did cross my mind that perhaps I shouldn’t click.

Too late – I shouldn’t have done that.

Oh well, to cut a long story short I have completely screwed it all up. At this point I have to say that while nobody but yours truly hovered the cursor over the padlock and clicked, I have upon further investigation realised that I have opened my faithful buddy up to a glitch in the latest Apple software which it was not open to before I clickety clicked. Yeap, according to various websites there is a glitch relating to password software – that is my excuse to absolve myself of partial blame and I am sticking to it.

Anyway, after a ¬†few hours and a certain amount of tooth grinding, grumbling and chuntering later I have at least resolved part of the problem, (the glitch means that actually once locked you cannot permanently unlock the padlock – now that’s useful!).


Work will continue tomorrow on the remaining issues……

So, after the grumpiness of yesterday I am pleased to report a swimming training session, (me, using the words pleased and swimming in one sentence – no way!).


I was, (and am still vaguely hopeful), of a trot out around the compound tomorrow but as I am currently coughing, sneezing and wheezing away like an asthmatic, hay fever suffering, life long Woodbine smoker in an oilseed rape field in a pollen boom I do not need to look out of the window to know that the wind is picking up, the dust and camel poo are circulating, (there is nothing worse than being hit in the eye by a piece of mutant, flying camel poo), and almost certainly the rain is coming – the smell of rehydrating camel poo is certainly in the air. The gruesome twosome have already pointed out in very animated fashions that there is lightening….

So, time will tell if I get out for my trot tomorrow – if not off to the gym I go…..

OK, best I go and dose up my poor old sinuses so I can get some sleep tonight – himself couldn’t sleep last night which on the one hand is fine but as he is not a small kinda guy, (hence why the gruesome twosome are anything other than petite), when he can’t sleep and is fidgeting all night then it is like sleeping on the high seas – lets just say I need my bed tonight. If he can’t sleep tonight I might just crawl in with the small man – yes, things are that desperate….


Right, just had a clap of thunder, best go and sort the sinuses….


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