I Think I Have Had A Funny Turn…….

OK, so I have been nattering on recently about how, thanks to the various Sporting Challenges, my attitude to swimming has changed. I have moved from dreading swimming, avoiding it at any costs and being a flailing, uncoordinated mass of arms and legs to still being a flailing mass of arms and legs but actually one that no longer dreads the experience and really quite enjoys it. Well, I think I have had a funny turn……


Yeap, I have done something that could either be viewed as a bit daft, a bit brave or incredibly outrageous.

Well, actually I have done two things that could fall into those categories.

Firstly, I have signed up for an Open Water Swim. Yeap, you heard right, I am going swimming in open water with goodness only knows how many other people in June. The lake in question is Windermere. I have signed up for a mere 1 mile swim just to try to get me into the groove and see how it goes. Oh dear, I feel trouble, and a wetsuit, coming on.


Secondly, I have signed up for a 3 day swim camp, (again at Windermere), to tackle my technique, get coaching tips, nutrition tips, yoga sessions and do 3 lake swims with an ‘around the island’ swim if the good old Lake District weather allows. This is led by a lady known as ‘Madfish’, (slightly worrying name in its own right), who is a world record open water and marathon swimmer. Her real name, and one which a tad more reassuring, is Julie Bradshaw MBE – among her many other achievements and records she swam the Channel doing butterfly in a little over 14 hours. Scary in itself.

Should I be worried? Yes, I think so – best I dust off my will before heading to Windermere in June.

So, as you can see I have finally lost the plot. I have gone from a complete anti-swimmer and am now signed up to go open water swimming, where the heck did that come from???

By the way, these two crazy activities in the summer are not my latest Sporting Challenge – oh no, research into that is still underway and I cannot possibly give you any more info than that at the moment, definitely not…


So, now that I have completely lost my marbles and agreed to throw myself into Lake Windermere sometimes with a wetsuit and sometimes just in my swimming cozzie, I really should not lose sight of the fact that in just 19 days I am running The London Marathon. Yeap, the big one, the focus of my life for quite a few months and quite frankly the cause of quite a few sleepless nights and nightmares.

I will persevere and I will do it!

A reasonable training run last night, 3 miles then ran to the gym, 30 mins of hill climbing on stepper and sprinted home. Not too bad – but will be running again before the big day.  Might go swimming this afternoon……

I have to admit to a slight level of concern, there has been little or no chaos of late in our household – quite the opposite. All a bit concerning – especially as the strawberry blond hand grenade is at home. Yeap, we have had hormonal door slamming, attitude and answering back but that is largely par for the course.


I can’t help thinking there is a compressed bundle of chaos on its way….

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