Incredible Pride But Gee Everything Hurts….??

Well I have made it back up to the flatlands of Lincolnshire to rescue Grandma and Grandad from the grips of their energetic youngest grandson, not that I think they needed rescuing as I suspect there has been quite a lot of fun all round.


Himself is, as I write, somewhere between Heathrow and Riyadh and hopefully able to stretch his legs out.

So, how is it going? Well, we both hurt and both need a good nights sleep. Between the trails of endorphins kicking in in the middle of the night and everything hurting if you even dare to think of moving in the night then there has not been a really good sleep since the main event.

That said, we do not really care. Neither of us tend to indulge in self indulgent pride and boasting, but in this case hell yes – we are damned proud of what we did and are not afraid to say it. The after effects are irrelevant, we did The London Marathon and we helped raise a stack of money for Tommy’s in the process.


Himself is suffering with his little toes, he is walking in a shuffling fashion and when I spoke to him earlier he said that a sweet older lady in the lounge at Heathrow had taken pity on him and had been bringing the wine to him rather than him going to the wine.

I am making good progress. I was awake last night as my quads were on fire and my feet throbbing. But today Avis played a blinder and as per my loyalty account gave me a double upgrade. So the minute Hyundai I booked was upgraded to a brand new Lexus 4X4 with heated seats. It may sound a bit crass but the heated seats in this wonder car have done wonders for my trashed muscles and that combined with vino, (after driving I hasten to add), has led to a massive improvement in my condition.

Yesterday was a bit of an anti-climax. We had fully intended to make the most of a whole day in London sans children and had planned out in great detail a wine bar ‘crawl’ around London. Well, it didn’t happen. Far from it.

Well, two days ago actually but the principle is the same....

Well, two days ago actually but the principle is the same….

We started off with a quick trip to the Apple Store on Regent Street. Normally a quick walk from the RAF Club to Regents Street would have been no problem at all – but no. A cab ride yesterday. However, the taxi driver was very understanding – a quick look at his shuffling passengers told him that we were post marathon and the sympathy meant he was not upset at the short distance.

After the Apple Store we were at a bit of a loss and so shuffled to the nearest Costa – wow, get us!

After staying beached in Costa way beyond our coffee and hot chocolate we made our way to wine bar 1 – there we stayed for quite a while.

One more wine bar followed and that was enough – back to the club and I regret to say to sleep.

Ho hum……it was 3pm!

Anyway, all is well. We are recovering – albeit slowly.

This morning was a tad traumatic, underground from Piccadilly to Heathrow with heavy cases – ouch! But we did it, even if we did delay half of the commuting population of London and make them late for work.

So, to the actual event. Memories keep popping back into our minds. Personally I keep remembering how incredibly grateful I am for Sara who propped me up and got me to the end.

Other thoughts keep popping into my head – such as when I hit the wall and was running through traffic lights. Such was my state of mind that I would see a red light and want to stop ’till it turned green but reality would kick in just in time and I would carry on.


Another over-riding thought is at the end when Sara and I charged over the finish line at full pace, and carried on. It was at this point that a poor race official put his arm out to stop me and said ‘its OK, you can stop running now, you have finished’. That was a shock.

There was Bagpuss, (mentioned yesterday), there was Mr Red Arrow, there was a herd of rhinos, (one of which did mow me down), and there was Sara.

There was the incredible crowd and there were the Tommy’s cheering points. There was a camaraderie¬†among the charity runners which was something that I have never experienced before. There honestly was no competition between us all – everybody was there for their own reasons and everybody supported everybody else.

The question keeps popping into my head – ‘would I do it again?’. At this point I don’t know but to be honest I suspect I would. However, I think my main focus will be half-marathons.


However, there are so many other things I want to do, now that I have done not just a marathon but The London Marathon, then perhaps they may take priority.

Right, best I get the small man packed up to head back to the land of sand. Tomorrow is the big BA bird back, (I will endeavour to avoid any fisticuffs with BA but no guarantees), to Riyadh so there will not be a post.

In the meantime I will endeavour to get some shut eye!


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