It Wasn’t Fast, It Wasn’t Pretty But I Did It…..??? & A Very Heavy Marathon Medal..

I am very proud of my London Marathon 2016 Medal – everybody else will be sick to the back teeth of seeing it over the coming weeks. So when I crawled into bed last night I hung it from the wall light just above my head and yes when the endorphins were raging in the middle of the night and I was wide awake, yes I did look up at it in disbelief that I had it.

However this turned to disaster a few minutes ago when lying in bed eating Jelly Babies and I reached out a painful arm for more supplies. I caught the medal with an aching and uncoordinated arm, it detached itself from the light and landed on my head.

London Marathon 2016 medals are heavy, especially when they land on your head and the you have not got the reflexes to fend it off.


So, not only does every part of my body hurt in a dramatic fashion, but now the only part of me that actually did not hurt, the top of my head, now hurts.



So, yesterday. Wow! I think the reality of it is going to settle in over the next few days but before I go any further I would like to say an enormous, nay gargantuan, thank you to my new best running friend, Sara.

At mile 10 I was having one of my psychological nightmares and was in a bad place – the remaining 16.2 miles were more than intimidating.

Sara and I had been leapfrogging each other for a couple of miles and somehow we ended up side by side around now. We said hi and it went on from there.

It turned out that she was in a bad place as well. That was all that was needed. We were stuck to each other like glue till after the finishing line. When one of us got down, the other picked up. We got each other through and when I hit the wall later Sara was a gem and got me through it.


I honestly think I would still be out there now if it wasn’t for Sara.

So Sara, Reading Half Marathon next year????

I would also like to say a thank you to the poor lady at the finishing line who presented me with my medal. There was a rare display of emotion on my part and I broke down on her. She lovingly gave me an enormous hug and I sobbed on her shoulder, pointing vaguely and talking incoherently at my Tommy’s top. I apologise to that poor lady whose shoulder I left covered in sweat, snot and tears.

I will write more about the marathon over the next few days as memories come back to me, but what were the high spots?

Well, being mown down by a Viking longboat with legs for a start. Then leapfrogging bagpuss – no comments necessary on that one thank you. The comaradery, the incredible crowd support, the fantastic messages of support before and after.


I would like to make another unreserved apology to the poor lady supporter that I looked at with daggers about 300yards in. In typical fashion she shouted my name with 101% enthusiasm and took me whom what by surprise to the point that I must have, unintentionally, glared at her in shock. I looked at her as if to say who are you? and do I know you?. I trundled on and it wasn’t until a few yards later and exactly the same thing happened that I remembered that my name was emblazoned across my running vest…..doh!

Finally, a pre-emotive apology to the lovely Mrs CH with whom I have a pedicure appointment on Thursday. Judging by the pain in my toe nails at the moment I think a few may have gone AWOL by Thursday and it may be quite a quick appointment.


Finally a thanks go to Tommy’s for the fab cheering points – a major boost, for the after party – much needed and for all their ongoing and continued support. Thank you!

Right, there will be more but at the moment my priority has to be to raise my self out of bed and into the shower. Easier said than done I suspect.


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