Post Marathon Catch Up, More Tin Foil Woes & Indian Head Wobbles…

So, the great post marathon catch up continues. I am beginning to see wood again among the chaos of the admin and paperwork backlog around my laptop, the washing machine is now approved to have brief breaks between loads instead of being emptied and refilled as soon as the buzzer goes off and the suitcases are all unpacked and put away – well almost, they have made it as far as the store room door even if they have not made it over the step yet.

Training ready for the next challenge has resumed – no I still can’t tell you what it is and won’t be able to for quite a while yet, I will keep you guessing……

Yeap, yesterday was the first day back on it and to celebrate I threw myself in typical fashion into the indoor swimming pool. Today I went back to the gym and launched myself onto the stepper.

I am delighted, (and not just a little relieved), to say that both sessions went swimmingly, (sorry – I could not resist that one). Yeap, all was well. I was more than ready to get back to it, I was twitching and bursting with energy – it was either get back into training or spontaneously combust in a cloud of endorphins and compressed energy.

In the bigger picture the training option was favourable as the alternative would have made far too much mess and I would not have been around to clear it up.

Having arrived back in the land of sand it is now clearly far too warm for me to run. Himself went out for a brief trot around the compound today and came back a soggy mess. No, I am not good running in heat and it is certainly too hot for me to trundle round in now.

OK, its not hot hot here yet - but it is still too hot for me!

OK, its not hot hot here yet – but it is still too hot for me!

So, for the foreseeable I am going to be swimming, Spinning and gymming – whoop whoop!

Everything else is going along nicely – well almost. Needless to say I am still chewing a brick over BA. On the one occasion I needed them to be true to form and the world’s most expensive and arrogant airline, they managed to let me down yet again! How come that they were 4000SR cheaper than Lufthansa?? How does that work. So, not only have I got to come to terms with the humiliation of them being cheaper but once I have got to grips with that I am going to have to damn well fly with them again in 4 weeks time. Arrgghhh…….

The strawberry blond hand-grenade is going to love this, she is going to laugh almost as much as her father did. At least I will have my small man who would never laugh at his poor old mum…..


An update on the tin foil debacle. Two strips of the offending material fell off the window this morning as I forgot about the stand off situation and opened the blind. Aaahhhhaaaa I thought to myself.

So today has been fab, everytime I have walked into our room I have not had to switch the lights on and have been able to enjoy a degree of daylight through the foil free portions of the window. I felt my vitamin D levels increase as I put the washing away.

Needless to say the stand off situation means that I have not touched the late, lamented strips of silver stuff and they lie where they fell on the bedroom floor. I have however done the decent thing and told himself about the issue with his Heath Robinson make shift black out system.

I can do no more.

There was another odd conversation with the gardener this morning, again heavily reliant on sign language and pointing. That said, it was always going to be an odd conversation as he knocked on the door to be greeted by me just out off bed and wearing my minions nightshirt. I hasten to add that the sign language and pointing was in relation to the garden and not my minions nightshirt.

Anyway, we got there eventually and with several Indian head wobbles later we reached an understanding. Time will tell if that is just wishful thinking or not….


It has just occurred to me that several of the threads relate to previous blogs over several months and as the whole principle of a blog is that people do not read every single post or that they may have become new EIOT readers more recently, (or both I suppose), then you may not have a clue what I am on about. So, if that is the case then here are some links to previous posts that may, (or may not), apply some clarity to what the heck I am on about:

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Yesterday’s big news was that I totted up all the remaining money that was here waiting to be transferred over to the Virgin Money Account and promptly hit ‘send’. In addition, several very generous people have also made contributions over the last few days and weeks and with that I am delighted to say that we are now well over £13,000, (£13,827 with Gift Aid).

In addition I know there is still money out there waiting to come in. One very generous group here on the compound had a fundraising evening and have around 12000SR to donate, so with that alone we will be well over £15,000 without Gift Aid.

I ought to add that the legend that is Tommo is continuing his craziness and is now 3 marathons into his 5 marathons in 5 weeks for Tommy’s campaign.

There is only one Mr Tommo - thank goodness!

There is only one Mr Tommo – thank goodness!

Yeap, he started with The Brighton Marathon and since then he has completed 2 other ‘Random@Salwa Marathons’. Yeap, the man is mad and is not fazed by running in the heat. He was joined by his mate Wayne for today’s sprint, (Wayne is also a veteran of the full 24hrs in the Spinathon – what a hero), who has now lost his marathon virginity! Nice one Wayne, but I have to say I can think of better and more interesting places for it than 26.2 miles than round and round the compound!

Anyway, Tommo is continuing his epic effort and lots of folks are sponsoring him. Go on Tommo, keep those legs going and I will cheer you on from the gym and swimming pool.

Anyway, back to the money and sponsorship.

The whole Every Inch Of Tarmac Team would like to say an enormous thank you to everybody who has sponsored any of us in any way over the last few months and helped to contribute to this mind blowing figure.


The Virgin Money Giving page is not closing yet and so if you are thinking of sponsoring or donating to the cause but are waiting for whatever reason there is still time.

The support that we have all had with this came continues to be phenomenal and we would like to say an enormous ‘thank you’ to everybody who has given to the fund or is planning on donating.

There are simply far too many of you to mention, but you all know who you are and thank you.

Right, best I go and check on the status of the tin foil – but I suspect that there will have been no change in its condition.


Don’t forget to donate, this is all about raising money for Tommy’s

Donate at




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