Well It Was Worth A Try….But Always Doomed To Failure Really…..

Today is my last pre-booked and planned flight with BA. It was booked pre-final spat and so I really would have been cutting my nose off to spite my face if I cancelled it and rebooked with another airline. However, from here on in I will only be travelling BA when there really is no alternative.

So, the small man and I departed Lincolnshire at a unhealthily early hour to head down to Heathrow to return the car, (complete with the miraculous, healing seat warmers), and get ready to get on the BA big bird back to Riyadh.


In line with my life principle of nothing ventured, nothing gained I cheerfully asked the guy at check in if there was any chance of an upgrade for a marathon runner with extremely tired legs. To prove the point I even added a few grunts of pain as I lifted the bags onto the belt and then proceeded to prop myself up on the counter for extra effect.


All I got in return was a sarcastic sneer, not even an answer either positive or negative.

Anyway, resigned to the lack of an upgrade the small man and I made our way through security – but a greater blow was on its way.

As we made our way to a seat in the lounge a tannoy announcement rang out with my name and asking me to make my way to the information desk. Oh I thought, that nice man at check in had put an upgrade request in after all and it had been approved and we were on our way to business.

With all due enthusiasm, (well as much as an aching body will allow),  I made my way over to the desk expectant of good news, to be simply told that they had found my Saudi paper visa in security and I would have to walk to the other end of the terminal to fetch it.


What an anti-climax!

Oh well, visa fetched and safely replaced in my passport.

So, onto other matters.

The body is recovering well and I can now walk almost normally – hurrah!

I am still, and always will be I suspect, incredibly proud of last Sunday.

So, back to Riyadh and perhaps a modicum of normality in life. The first thing I need to do is catch up with the enormous backlog of things that have suffered over the last few months, admin, household chores and life in general.

Then, I need to work on my next sporting challenge……I still can’t comment any further on this and won’t be able to for ages yet but work is underway…..

Right, best I go and continue my mission to rid the lounge of vino.


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