A Double Hit, Hair Success & Darwin Awards………………

Today was one of those days when I just didn’t know when to stop. Thanks to that my shoulders are tired, no they are not just tired they are completely and utterly pooped. Yeap, they have had a double hit, a double whammy, double punch, a serious flogging and a complete drubbing.


First off today was gym day and so off I trundled to the gym after waving the small man off to school.

Blimey it was busy in there this morning, and stuffy and stinky! Never mind it is a gym, if I wanted sweet smelling I would have gone and sat in the flower shop.

Anyway, a great gym session was had and to be honest my shoulders were a tad weary at that early stage.

But today was the chosen day to meet up with Mr D, yeap the swimming coach extraordinaire who kindly offered to give up his lunch break to talk me through the logistics of breathing, (to recap on the history of this, please click here).

I hasten to add that this related to swimming, after 40 odd years I think I have got the knack of breathing on dry land.


Anyway, I took advantage of the fact I had the indoor pool all to myself and was quite happily ploughing from end to end when I glanced up to seer Mr D had arrived and was already analysing my stroke and more importantly my breathing.

He scared me to death.

Strategically placed within easy reach but safe from any splashing was a cheese roll and Mr D scratching his chin and considering how to help me breath more efficiently while swimming.

I have to say that it was a great coaching session with great tips and great success. Many, many thanks go to Mr D who was as enthusiastic as ever and after half an hour or so he left me to practice my new found techniques as he went back to work complete with his still uneaten cheese butty.

Many thanks go to Mr D – you are a true diamond!

Anyway, I decided that as I had nothing else to do I would stay in the pool and practice what I had just learnt.

Well as you can guess I practiced and practiced and practiced and was really into it. Time and lengths ticked by and I just, well carried on.

I am honestly not sure how far I swam, it certainly was not my usual training distance but it was a fair chunk.

Eventually I decided that I should call it a day. I had already done a crackin’ gym session, now I had tagged on a chunk of swimming and tomorrow is swim training in the Lagoon Pool again.

I begrudgingly decided that it was better to finish while I wanted to do more than to get fed up and then not be enthusiastic tomorrow. So I called it a day.

Now I am not sure if it was the gym session or the swimming that wore my shoulders out, or perhaps it was the fact that I decided to tackle the enormous ironing pile this afternoon. I suspect it was the ironing and as such I should cross ironing off as an activity while I am training. It is clearly not good for me and does not compliment my training programme.

Nope, from here on in there will be no ironing in the interests of my shoulders and swim training.

Or on second thoughts......

Or on second thoughts……

Anyway, you will all be pleased to hear the hair was a major success.

Yeap, there were no errant and mutinous hair strands pasting themselves to my goggles like a sticky bobble on fuzzy felt and a quick wipe with my towel post exiting the pool left it pretty much under control. My post training shower was quick and easy with fraction of the shampoo and conditioner of normally and the hairdryer lay undisturbed in a heap on the bedroom floor.

All in all a major success!


The rebellion against the ‘what’s in this unlabelled plastic box in the freezer?’ game of roulette is gaining momentum.

In my defence I did find a load of frozen prawns deep in the freezer this morning, (and yes they were prawns – there was no dispute on this), and had thawed them out over the course of the day.

However, in a not so subtle display of defiance, himself took it upon himself without any consultation to make dinner with the prawns. I think he suspected there was another plastic box of lamb stock lurking somewhere and the idea of prawns soaked with a hint of lamb didn’t appeal either to him or the small man.

Anyway, a very tasty dinner appeared with the prawns and for once there was no moaning about the unique flavour combinations we have enjoyed of late.

Readers will be pleased to hear that the freezer is now starting to take on a somewhat sparse appearance with just some tasty morsels left that I have been saving for the return of the Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade at the end of the week.

Between training sessions there was another chance meeting with Mrs DC, (recap here), yes she who attempted to recruit me to the Resident’s Committee and shot a bolt of fear down my spine and out through my big toe.

Well I am pleased to report that no mention was made in any form of me joining the compound’s Resident’s Committee – phew! I think Mrs DC may have realised, or been told, that actually my participation would not be such a wise move. Best leave me to my crazy sporting challenges where the only damage I can really cause is to myself.

Admittedly I would prefer an 'Honourable Mention' than the full monty....

Admittedly, I would prefer an ‘Honourable Mention’ than the full monty….


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