iPhone CPR, Sainsburys Excitement & A 3:3 Ratio…….

Apologies for the brief respite from my random wittering on the EIOT blog, a minor crisis was underway.


A friend needed some help with her various items on computers and phones and being pretty IT literate I stepped into the breach.

Now everything went well and was sorted – and then there was the phone that took it upon itself to have the equivalent of a toddler tantrum and came seriously close to a full meltdown potentially leaving my buddy with no phone. This was not an option.

So, several hours yesterday afternoon was spent anxiously tending to there whims of an iPhone, caressing it back into life and then finally jolting it into activity with the IT equivalent of a defibrillator, copious amounts of adrenalin and a quadruple heart bypass.


Anyway, after several hours of jiggery pokery the phone lurched back from the brink complete with IOS update and with all the previous content intact as well as extra features associated with more recent versions of IOS.

Relief does not come close to the sentiment at the end of the day, I returned home and lay down in a darkened room with my legs in the air to recover. Survival of the phone was seriously touch and go on several occasions.

Oh why do I live in a ‘dry’ country?????


So, writing a blog yesterday was way down my list of things to do in my weakened state.

Anyway, all is well. The Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade is back on Friday night and then it is just a week till we head back to Cumbria! Hurrah!

The Sainsburys order is well under way!

Sainsburys orders do this to an expat......

Sainsburys orders do this to an expat……

Training continues to go well, even if a considerable amount of time has been sent trying to work out if the sleeves on my rash vest have stretched with extreme use or if my arms are shrinking. Minor point I know but hey, these things cross my mind as I trundle up and down the swimming pool.

The jury is out on the answer to my question and in all honesty compared to world famine, poverty and whether or not Jose Mourinho will be the next manager of Manchester United, the question of whether the sleeves on my rash vest are baggy because they are stretching or my arms are shrinking is pretty much irrelevant. Just wondering that’s all.

If my arms are shrinking, then my shoulders are most definitely not…..

So swimming is going well. The words of wisdom from the swimming guru Mr D about breathing are working and I have fallen into a 3:3, bilateral breathing ratio – yo, get me, I sound like I know what I am talking about!


Yeap, being able to effectively breath while swimming really makes a difference and is a useful skill to have. More practice is required but I am getting there!

Right, that concludes this evenings musings. Humorous anecdotes and goings on seem to be in short supply today, it has been incredibly ‘normal’ really and that in itself is a little disconcerting.

Mind you, that will all change when the Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade arrives on Friday……..??

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