That Sinking Bottom Feeling…..

You can tell it is the school holidays, not only does the house resemble a war zone but random comments are floating around which cause me to stop, consider and usually disregard on the grounds of not having a clue what is being talked about.

Today’s comments have included gems such as, ‘I am going to save up for a nuclear reactor’ and ‘I am not going to pack pizzas anymore’. Mind boggling……

Needless to say there has been some computer game playing type stuff going on which while I do not understand I listen to to make sure I know what they are up to.

Yeap, as you know the Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade has landed and it is fab to have her home. Yes there have already been several skirmishes, (mainly between me and her but also with the small man), but it is fab having her here.

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I am however slightly puzzled by her packing strategy, (or perhaps it is Matron’s packing strategy). I did mention to both that not much was needed as she has most things here already. So, imagine my confusion when I unpacked her bag to find, (and who reading this please bear in mind that the average temperature here is over 40 degrees), 2 scarfs, 2 heavy jumpers, 1 pair of jeans, a pair of mittens, numerous pairs of socks and a box of loom bands.

Needless to say it will all be making its way back to school next week.

Despite his protestations to the contrary the small man is as pleased to see his big sister as we are. Much playing, frivolity, and a couple of skirmishes, has been taking place and he has now resumed his normal sleeping position on the floor by her bed – he refuses to sleep on the spare bunk of her bed as it is pink but will happily compromise with his duvet and pillow the floor.

That said the first night of sleeping by her side was abruptly curtailed after he had made camp in her room when she used his Minion shower gel in her post-aeroplane shower, he was not impressed and took his toys away – well his duvet, pillow and Minion shower gel anyway.


All appears to be forgiven now.

Well, for those of you ho read Friday’s blog, I am sure that you will be relieved to know that this far there have been no repercussions of ‘the mob’ type. In fact Chick P and Sugar Daddy P, (wondering what I am on about? Click here to find out), appear to be very happy with my musings and quite entertained. It could be that they are lulling me into a false sense of security and I will go to bed tonight to find a horse’s head under the duvet but at the moment the signs are positive.

However, there is no news on Sugar Daddy P’s quest for budgie smugglers, there have been no reported sightings and no more screaming children and cats around the compound than usual.

I can only assume, and hope, that they have not yet been acquired.

Regular readers will be pleased to hear that the daily round of ‘what’s in this unlabelled plastic box in the freezer?’ is starting to come to an end. The final two boxes of unidentified, (or maybe unidentifiable), food stuff are in the freezer and ready to be thawed out over the coming days in our, well my, pre-Ramadan and therefore major break away use up session. Today’s boxes are thawing nicely ready to be used tomorrow, they have yet to be identified as anything other than frozen chunks of something and once they have defrosted enough to allow a firm identification then a decision will be made about tomorrow night’s dinner. I would put my money on one being beef casserole and the other yet another lot of lamb stock….

So, to training. Well, yesterday was a rest day and I needed it. It did me good to have a chilled day – although after one family trip to the pool and cycling around the compound doing many different errands and repeatedly going to the shop to get the things I forgot on the previous visits I am not sure how much rest I actually achieved.

So, today was back to the pool. Blimey – what a session! Fab! All that work last week really paid off and today’s swim training was great. A combination of front and back crawl, full on and pushing myself.

My biggest problem today was a sinking bottom in back stroke. Pretty much every stroke was accompanied by that sinking in the middle feeling. I suppose that Mary Berry would call it a ‘sinking, soggy bottom’ – not a nice combination. I think it may be a hangover of my traumatic debacle with my sense of direction with back stroke last week – when actually I went in one big circle. There did appear to be a correlation between poking my head up to check that I was going in a relatively straight line and my bottom sinking.

I suppose my advice to myself should be not to look up – oh it is so simple on dry land!

So, masses of concentration to keep my midriff relatively horizontal, my head where it should be and to stay in a straight line – I think even more core work in the gym is called for. Ouch!

So, another case of tired and sore shoulders from today…….I think it was worth it, will report back tomorrow, if I can move my core that is.


11 Days to the full on swim assessment, 14 days to The Great North Swim and 19 days to the full on Swim Camp with ‘Madfish’ – ? ?

I must be mad.

OK, gym tomorrow – get ready shoulders, there is more coming.



I will be back tomorrow night, if I can raise my hands to the keyboard that is……


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