Sugar Daddy P Wearing Budgie Smugglers…..Oh Dear…..

Committed and regular readers of the EIOT blog, (I am still not sure that there are any, but it is a nice thought), may well recall my fear of a few months ago of a mafia reprisal when the compound’s own Italian force of nature, Mrs P, collected some Tommy’s money on my behalf. However, wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini and a smile, she was greeted by the entire nursery plus mothers and sat through a whole sing-a-long of ‘the wheels on the bus’ and other assorted songs and rhymes.


However, the nursery had done a sterling job and raised over 800SR for the fundraising campaign so sympathy for Mrs P was in short supply and gratitude to the nursery was in abundance.

The circumstances behind this incident lay in a break down in communication between Mrs P and I, and I have to admit that as I was several thousand miles away in the UK I did find the whole episode quite entertaining – that was until I was convinced that Mrs P’s brethren had contacted ‘the mob’ and revenge was being sought, (to refresh your memory you may like to click here for the first instalment of the saga and here for the second chapter).

So last night was a small, informal gathering of some of the ‘chaps’ from himself’s work to mark the departure of one of them back to the real world. In addition there were several wives there and as the gathering was at The Lagoon Pool, (yes, the same Lagoon Pool on which I had unleashed my new found back stroke skills earlier in the day), there were quite a few children there as well having fun in the water.

baby swimming

Among all this frivolity were Mr & Mrs P and two small P’s. Now I have to say that the two small P’s are really good kids and are really, really sweet – so I suppose that that makes them sweet P’s, but they are fab kids.



Or maybe this……..




The whole family is fab and they are all like P’s in a pod



Mr & Mrs P lead a very loving and tender family,


In fact, even almost to the point of being mushy,


Sorry – there aren’t many references on the internet to British & Italian mushy peas…..











Sorry, enough of my digressing, I do apologise – even if it was, in my mind anyway, quite entertaining.

So, Mr and Mrs P, actually perhaps I ought to call Mrs P Chick P from now on,


I suppose I need to find a new name for Mr P – let’s call him Sugar Daddy P


So, I guess we have Sugar Daddy P, Chick P and two Sweet Peas – a nice little family unit if I may say so.

Sorry – I did it again, apologies.

Anyway, a fine time was being had by all with casual conversation, kids playing and good humour largely throughout.

Towards the end of the evening, when the kids were all getting tired, the sun had set and the temperature had cooled to a very pleasant point on the thermometer, a very odd conversation was struck up between Sugar Daddy P and two MAMIL’s, (yes, we do have our own MAMIL’s although out of deference to other compound residents, small children and animals they only tend to come out in their ‘kit’ in the hours of darkness).


Now, please bear in mind that Sugar Daddy P is the bilingual and long suffering husband of Chick P, our very own iconic, Italian force of nature. Yes, she of true Italian origin, flamboyant hand gestures, an incredible accent and enthusiastic speech.

Normally Sugar Daddy P is very quiet, possibly as he struggles to get a word in edgeways, and contemplative as he takes all the information in from events happening around him.

However, last night Sugar Daddy P broached the subject of budgie smugglers with our two MAMILS.

Don’t think that he was aiming his satire at out two MAMILS and their swimming trunks, no it was quite the opposite.

You see Sugar Daddy P has decided to start swimming seriously and has decided, in his wisdom, that the way forward, so to speak, is to buy himself a pair of budgie smugglers.


Sugar Daddy P is not a big bloke, he is not very tall and is extremely slim, but even so the thought of Sugar Daddy P wearing budgie smugglers is enough to send a shiver down the spine.

Now this conversation went on for sometime and I have to say that the two MAMILS, despite their tendency for wearing tight lycra triathlete suits which leave little to the imagination, did everything in their power to try to dissuade Sugar Daddy P from his purchase on the grounds of his dignity and honour, but no – he was not to be moved.

All this time Chick P was listening to this conversation in various stages of disbelief. At first she questioned whether she was translating the conversation into english correctly in her own mind and was regularly checking her interpretation with me.

Needless to say I did not really help the situation and may have embellished a few facts.


The conversation took a turn towards logistics of the male anatomy with water resistance, streamlining and energy efficiency – all of which contained a few too many details even for me.

Eventually the Italian in Chick P returned to the fore, overwhelming any acquired english reticence and inhibitions to announce that there is nothing wrong with budgie smugglers and he will buy some and he will be wearing them at The Lagoon Pool.

If the MAMILS had actually made any progress with their argument then it was now futile, Chick P had spoken and that was it – decision made.

So, stand by in future posts about scared children and animals as Sugar Daddy P takes to the water, and then sunbathing straight after. I can only hope that a towel is donned immediately on exit from the pool and the damage to the psyches of the other residents is minimal.

Oh dear……..

I think I could be in trouble for today’s post…..


Anyway, onto other matters.

Today was meant to be a rest day, but as the Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade is inbound as I write and due to burst back in Saudi Arabian territory this evening, I chose to hit the gym this morning and have tomorrow as my rest day instead.

I have to say that despite the beasting I gave my shoulders yesterday, they feel surprisingly good today – I guess that is a good sign.

However, the joining information for the three day swim camp arrived by email last night and I have just had the chance to peruse the info. Ouch, my shoulders are aching already. Pool swims, Windermere swims, gym sessions, yoga sessions, nutrition lectures…….the list goes on, and on, and on…..

So yes, the daughter is inbound. With typical German efficiency so far the trip has been faultless and Lufthansa are coping with the whirlwind that they have in their care at the moment.

Anyway, best I go and try to find out why the small man is standing on the arm of the settee, (which he shouldn’t be in the first place), waving his iPad in the air and claiming he is looking for the WIFI connection. The WIFI box is around 10 yards away from him and is in full working order – there is no need for such extreme measures…..The mind boggles…


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