The Legend That Is Tommo………..

Tommo and I have a great friendship, we are good buddies but we have one of those friendships where we the banter flows as do the insults.

So, for me to write today’s blog is a big thing, a very big thing. I am more familiar with hurling insults at Tommo than I am blowing hot air up his bottom.

However, today the legend that is Tommo completed an incredible challenge.

Tom - ready for The Brighton Marathon

Tommo – ready for The Brighton Marathon

In the wee small hours of this morning when it was cooler, (still pretty damned warm though), Tommo completed his 5th marathon in 5 weeks, all to raise money for Tommy’s. He set off this morning at 0315.

Yeap, he started with the Brighton Marathon the week before we did London and every week since he has run a marathon.


Now by any standards this is impressive, but please consider that Tommo has run the last four marathons in his challenge in the desert, in desert conditions round and round the compound, with the same scenery, identical buildings – completely mind-numbing.

Yes, this is a fantastic achievement in itself.

Regular readers of the blog may well remember my moaning about running in the compound and I did not complete 1 marathon distance – let alone 4.

You all know how and why the whole Tommy’s Fundraising Campaign came about, if not please go back to the first ever post in the blog, (Next Time I Have An Idea or Gabriella’s Story). Tommo was with Gabriella’s Mum and Dad a couple of days before they learned that Gabriella had died at 26 weeks gestation when they all travelled together on a flight back to the land of sand.

We all thought that this was Tommo’s motivating factor in joining in with all the crazy sporting challenges and yes it was certainly a contributing factor.

Now, we had known Tommo and Mrs Tommo for quite a longtime before this but what we did not know was that Mr and Mrs Tommo lost two little babies themselves some years ago. One of these little souls was at the same point of gestation as Gabriella was when she died.

Tommo has not said a lot about the experience and Mrs Tommo has said nothing, other than by doing what he has been doing it has opened up some old wounds but moreover it has also had a massive heeling effect.

I hasten to add that Mr and Mrs Tommo went on to have two fantastic children who are in various stages of exams, university and careers.

So, let’s now forget what else Tommo has achieved as part of all this sporting craziness.


Tommo did the Sancom Half Marathon, he spent 24hrs on a Spinning bike, he swam 12 miles in March and then April and May saw him complete his 5 marathons in 5 weeks challenge – kicked off with The Brighton Marathon.

So what’s next? Well, next is the half-marathon head to head with himself, all be it a few hundred miles apart in September. Then they are looking at The Bob Graham Run and maybe a ‘Brutal’ – no I am not going to be joining them on those two adventures, I think I will stick to my swimming.

Tommo – we are all proud of you, you are a legend, you are inspirational and what you have achieved is beyond mind-blowing, and oh yes, you are a little mad as well.

A smiling, cartoon comedian about to tell some jokes.

If you would like to sponsor Tommo for what he has achieved, (several donations have been received today alone), then please go to the Virgin Money Sponsorship Page.

I will put a small album in the photo albums section of this blog showing screenshots of Tommo’s routes, times are details for his epic 5 Marathon Challenge – click here to get to the albums.

Make the most of this post world, for tomorrow I will be back to ‘Tommo Bashing’.


Don’t forget to donate, this is all about raising money for Tommy’s

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Sorry - I know I am using this photo a lot at the moment but i love it!

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